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If we started a GoFundMe campaign and used the funds to pay Trump to resign the presidency

1. How much would it take?
2. Do you think that he would do it?
3. This would not preclude him from being investigated and/or indicted.

So, why did Javanka want to fire Don McGahn so badly?


Should presidential pardoning power be limited?

If no, then why not? How do you stop it from being abused? I can see Trump telling his family and cabinet not to testify before congress, and if they are held in contempt, he will just pardon them.

If yes, then how would you limit them? Involve congress? The SCOTUS to review them? How?

I'm looking forward to Obama's eulogy at McCain's funeral. America needs a great speech from him.

He won't attack Trump, and he doesn't need to. His grace and eloquence will be more than enough. The man knows how to rise to the occasion.

One of his all time great speeches was his Philadelphia's speech on race from 2008. This is just a snippet of it. FF to 6:49 for the best part:

Some friendly advice to George W. Bush. Don't follow Obama. Go first.

If it's wrong to "politicize" Parkland, FLA, isn't it also wrong to "politicize" Mollie Tibbets?

Or, am I missing something?

Would you accept Trump's resignation in exchange for giving him and his immediate family pardons?

Blanket pardons. No more investigations. Trump gets on the helicopter and flies out of town forever. No hearings. No impeachment.

What would you say to that?

--On Update--

Would you be angry if the Dems take majority in the House and agree to no impeachment investigations in exchange for Trump's resignation?

Highly unconventional ice skater

Don't know how the judges will score this?

In the end, no one can really state exactly how much Medicare for All will cost or save money.

That all depends on how it is implemented. For example, are pharmaceuticals covered? Will the govt be allowed to negotiate prices? How much will be the health care providers be compensated? Will it be adjusted to population densities? You cannot pay a doctor in Idaho what you pay a doctor in NYC. etc.

But the larger problem with the entire cost debate is that it loses sight at the heart of the issue. The moral obligation as a society that we all have to care for our health needs. No one questions costs when it comes to war. That's why we've fought at least 6 wars since the end of WWII. We fought them because of a "moral imperative" to protect us.

If we allow Medicare for All to get bogged down into accounting debates, we will start to lose the argument. Win the moral argument and debate the costs at another time.

His National Security Advisor, Campaign Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Personal Attorney & campaign

foreign advisor have all either pled guilty or have been found guilty in a court of law.

...but her emails....

--On Edit--
Almost forgot. The first two congressmen to endorse him have both been indicted.

...again...her emails...

Post an image of the lunbox you had as a kid. If you had one.

This is one of mine from 1971. Based on a TV Show

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