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I'll just leave this here...

There's no such thing as "affordable" health care without Single Payer

By definition, for profit health insurance is obligated to maximize profit which means that they're incentivized to pay out the absolute minimum on claims. . Thus, health care costs will always rise faster than the rate of inflation.

Only a large, non-profit entity (i.e. the government) has the ability to negotiate lower prices.

Dog passive aggressively begs for food

Names that generate mutliple nicknames

For example, "Elizabeth"


Here's a question for Schultz. Why do so many of his employees live in poverty?

He's a billionaire at the expense of his employees. He runs a massive global corporation. So why can't his employees afford the basics of life? Health insurance? Rent/mortgage? Transportation?

The perception is that jobs at Starbucks or McDonald's are not REAL jobs, but something teens do for spending money. That perception is false. This perception is at the heart of income inequality.

A question for Mr. Schultz

Let's say you win the presidency. Let's say you balance the budget with a series of deep spending cuts on SS and Medicare, and through all that pain we reach a balanced budget nirvana.

What's to stop a future Republican administration from pushing through massive tax cuts to the rich and throwing us right back into debt?

I ask because we've seen this happen once before. Clinton balanced the budget. Pushed us into surplus, and Bush came along and threw us right back into deficits.

If Mr. Schultz cannot thoroughly answer this question, then his presidential campaign is utterly meaningless.

The Marx Bros - I'll Say She Is 1926

So, where do you think the Trump Presidential Library will be?

And what will be in it?

Only in NYC. Only in NYC.

On edit: "Nuts?!?!?! This is NYC. We order out for Chinese here."


Did Nancy Pelosi just "tsst" Trump

Like the show "The Dog Whisperer" starring Cesar Milan:

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