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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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The Toronto Raptors and The Washington Nationals in 2019

Over the prior few years:

1. Both teams won a lot of games during the regular season and had high expectations to win in the post-season only to suffer crushing defeats.

2. A star player on each team, Bryce Harper (Nats) and DeMar DeRozan (Raptors), were either not retained or traded away.

3. In 2019, both teams went on incredible runs to win championships in their respective leagues.

The Washington Nationals World Series victory parade will be epic.

on soooo many levels.

How do you compromise with Mitch McConnell?

I asked this in another thread. I'm interested to know.

Buying meat at Costco

I've just joined Costco and wanted to know what experience anyone has had buying meat at Costco. Was it good or bad? How did it compare with meat from other grocers? Better? Worse? The Same?

Thanks for the feedback.

Fox News is not covering the impeachment investigation

So, I've been surveying Tucker Carlson, Ingram, etc., and I found that most of their segments have nothing to do with impeachment. It's about everything else, gun ownership in Detroit, college campus news, and any other "news" designed to agitate their audience. But, little to no coverage of the investigation.

The biggest bias in news is non-coverage. This is why their audience is so ignorant of the issues. Fox simply does not cover them.

Relaxing Cat Video

Meanwhile, there was yet another mass shooting today

Who needs terrorists killing Americans in bulk when we do it to ourselves with much more regularity.

I just cannot believe that it's been 25 years since Obama was president.

Wow, time flies.

Dear GOP, your strategy is not working.

The evidence is stacked against you. Time to face reality and have a sit down with Trump. You have to convince him to resign in time for primary season next year.

He's going down and he will take you with him. Even if the Senate does not remove him, you know full well that he will do something even worse if left in office.

This is your last best chance to rid yourself of him and rebuild your party.

On Friday, there will be impeachment hearings and the MLB World Series in Washington, DC

at the same time.

We live in strange and interesting times.
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