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Member since: 2001
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One thing is pretty obvious right out of the gate regarding Bernie...

The corporate media's coverage of him is a lot more biting than it was in 2016. He's not the funny uncle any more. His core positions are largely unchanged since 2016 which was not a problem back then, but now, it's cries of Socialism, radical left, and gift wrapping a second term for Trump.

I supported Hillary in 2016, but today, I'm leaning heavily towards Bernie, very, very, very heavy lean. I'm just tired of the corrupted systems and fake narratives which are much bigger threats than Trump. If we don't take out them out, they will always find another Trump.

SF Giants CEO knocks wife down during argument

San Francisco Giants team president and CEO Larry Baer acknowledged having an altercation with his wife Friday in which he knocked her to the ground during a fight over a cellphone at a San Francisco park. The incident was caught on video and published on TMZ Sports.


Match Game: "Dumb Donald is sooo dumb....."

The one thing that about Jim Jordan that you really need to understand

The Republicans have a lot more assholes than Trump. Steve King (from Iowa), Jim Jordan, Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, and on and on. They have a very deep bench.

2020 is about a lot more than just beating Trump.

Why did Constantinople get the works? n/t

No Federal refund for me this year due to the loss of the SALT deduction.

Had to pay out $718. Oh well.

Doggie makes me feel bad about myself

I need to get back to working out:

What are the chances that Trump says something wildly inappropriate about Vietnam and the war while

he's in Vietnam?

Trump gets the poor and working class White America to essentially vote for the 1%'s agenda.

That's why the Republican party does not turn on him. It's the source of his power over the party. Prime example, there was a massive tax cut for the top 1%, but no wall funding when the Republicans held power.

May the best candidate win.

I have no preference in this primary. I will vote for a ham sandwich over Trump. I think that having a big field so early is great for Democrats and our platform.

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