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For 2020, the Dems need to listen to Sean Connery

Trump:"Nobody knows more about... (fill in the blank)... than me."

London Symphonic Orchestra (1994) - Shes a Rainbow (The Rolling Stones)

We could all use something beautiful in our lives:

Is an ultra high speed rail service along the entire length of our Western states feasible?

I'm talking running a train from near our Canadian border to our Mexican border. Is something like that feasible?

The benefits to such a train would go a long way towards relieving the housing crisis in our Western cities, Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, SD, etc. as it would give people more options on where they can live and still commute to work. The HSR would stop at transportation hubs where people could take other means of public transport, buses, trains, etc., to get them to their place of work.

It would also be good for the environment as there would be less flights along our West coast.

MLB moves into new era: No players left from 20th century

There's not a single active player left from the 20th century.

Not one.

Adrian Beltre and Bartolo Colon were the last, the Elias Sports Bureau said. And with all 30 teams set to play Thursday — from Bryce Harper's home debut at Citizens Bank Park to Mookie Betts and the champion Boston Red Sox visiting Seattle — this year MLB becomes the first of the four major sports without someone still around who played in the 1900s


The NFL still has one player, Adam Vinatieri. The NBA still has Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki. NHL has Matt Cullen and Zdeno Chara.

Dem candidates need to be prepared for Trump come at them during the primaries

His best path to winning is to drag the Dem nominee to his level. How each candidate handles him during the primaries will be a big test.

My winter utility bills are down by 75% from last year, and I live in NYC.

We did not have one major snow storm. My colleague bought a new snow blower a year ago, and he hasn't even used it yet.

But I guess this is just a Chinese hoax.

Dying of Whiteness podcast: "Because Tennessee didn't do the [Medicaid] expansion..."

"... that cost every white citizen in the state two to three weeks of life, just because of this ideology. And it's ironic that the people I interviewed for the book, who were the staunchest supporters of blocking Obamacare and telling me about the “witch doctor Obamacare,” all these kind of things, those were the same people who were giving away three weeks of their life in support of these politics, and voting for people who did so." -- JONATHAN METZL

Now, when you see a society that starts having life expectancy go down, something is happening. Something's up. That's a distress signal from that society. An example of a place where life expectancy started to go down was Russia right after the fall of the Soviet Union. This sort of collapse period in which all sorts of societal institutions were coming apart. And you saw a big spike in all kinds of deaths, things like suicide and alcoholism, things like that.

In the U.S., the last time that life expectancy went down three years in a row was 1915 to 1918. And what was happening then were two things, World War I and the global flu pandemic that killed 50 million people, including 650,000 Americans.

Link to a transcript and podcast: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/dying-whiteness-jonathan-metzl-podcast-transcript-ncna987671

So what exactly is the reason why they're not releasing the full Mueller report? n/t

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