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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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Why not simply re-purpose the Defense Dept to fight Climate Change

Keep the budgets the same, but instead of building useless tanks and other weapons, re-purpose our military to fight the effects of climate change. Dedicate bigger portions of the budget to research solutions to Climate Change. Re-train our personnel to respond to storms, forest fires, and other effects of Climate change.

What is the number "e" (Euler's number) and where does it come from?

"Why is 0! 1?" This is how math should be taught.

Impeachment is a lost cause at this point. Focus on 2020.

And not just the presidency, but all other elections as well.

Fed could worsen the next recession

Ricchiuto argues the last three recessions in 1990-91, 2000-2001 and 2007-2009 stemmed from credit bubbles that the Fed inadvertently helped to form through lax monetary policy. It’s about to repeat that mistake again, he said.

A rate cut “will incite undesired risk taking by borrowers and deepen the next recession, which will unnecessarily increase the cost to society,” Ricchiuto told clients in a new research note.

Recessions are becoming deeper, he said, and the economy is taking longer to recover.


The Fed has created a market culture that feeds off of cheap money. This is not sustainable over the long haul. It encourages over-speculation and devalues the currency.

Shy deadpan girl viciously defeats a big loud guy in a NYC comedy roast battle

Has anyone read, "Say Nothing"?

If you have, would you recommend it?


Anyone Interested in Re-reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series with me?


Is there a Books/Reading Club Forum on DU?

I didn't see one on the drop down list.

Why Christian Movies are BAD

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