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Toy bank vs. Cat bank


Oh, Saturday Night Live's new season premieres this week.

Too bad it's a slow news week. What will they do?

If Trump is impeached and removed from office, can he still run for president in 2020?

Or is he barred from the office for life?

What will Mitt Romney do?

If Trump resigns or is removed from office, that's a huge opening for Mitt. It will be his last and best chance for the presidency.

Mitt would have the resources to quickly put together a national campaign for the presidency.

2020 could make Game of Thrones look like child's play because Mitt is in the House Tyrell position.

What's it like to live in Tacoma?

Public transportation? Cost of living? Social events?

Can anyone tell me what living in Tacoma, Washington is like?

What's the cost of living? What about public transportation? Urban life? Etc.

What's it like living in Phoenix, AZ?

1. I work in Information Technology. What's the job market like there?

2. Do you have to have a car to get around?

3. What's cost of living like?

4. If I want a more urban environment (walkable to shops, restaurants, bars, etc.) , what are the best sections of the city for that?

What if the Dems had opened up impeachment hearings immediately after the full Mueller report

was released?

My guess is that more crimes, like this Whistleblower complaint, would have been discovered in a full open hearing investigation with subpoena power.

There's a big difference between impeachment hearings and impeachment. Hearings are used to persuade lawmakers and the public. There was no huge cry for Nixon's impeachment at the start of the hearings.

The idea that impeachment hearings should not have been initiated because of McConnell is beyond stupid. It's cowardly and over cautious. The hearings are a fact finding mission. Lay out the truth before the people, and if Senate Republicans balk, then hold them accountable. If they want to defend Trump's cozy relationship with Putin, then let them live with that.

House Democrats have been derelect in their duties to not investigate Trump after the full Mueller report was released.

If you're feeling a little down, hope this cheers you up


No, Trump is not going down in flames.

No, Trump won't be impeached.

No, I'm not getting my hopes up that this will take Trump down.

No, Trump's support will not move.

Yes, in 4-6 weeks, we'll be onto the next huge story that will most "definitely, positively, assuredly, without-a-doubt" take down the Trump presidency.

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