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Member since: 2001
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I wonder what Bill Clinton is thinking.

Doesn't this make his impeachment null and void?

The lesson that the Democratic party, esp. leadership, needs to FINALLY learn.

The Republicans are ruthless. They are at war with Democrats, democracy, the American people, the Constitution, our long standing institutions, you name it. They're at war with everyone and everything in their quest for power.

The Democratic party needs to switch from seeking consensus to being just as ruthless in seeking power. This means making P.R. and DC states to increase Dem senators. Adding more seats to the SCOTUS. Re-draw districts in Blue states to increase representation. EVERYTHING has to be on the table.

We're in a, non-violent (so far), political Civil War with the Republicans in this country whether we like it or not.

2020: Different year. Different Decade. Same shit.

1. Looks like Trump will skate from impeachment.
2. A deadly virus is underway in China.
3. Forrest fires in Australia.
4. Kobe Bryant and his daughter....I can't even finish that one.

Can't watch the news. Can't watch sports. Fuck. And it's still only January.

2020 Dem Convention Keynote Speaker should be: Adam Schiff

Tell me that I'm wrong.

The entire Republican party is now fully responsible for Trump's next crime(s)

They own him and his actions. There's no evading responsibility when Trump commits his next crime. And believe me, he will.

How do you do bi-partisanship after this Impeachment trial?

This should be a lesson to everyone that the Republican party is a dis-honest player and will go to any lengths to hang onto power.

The only path forward is to defeat Republicans at the ballot box. Enough with this reaching out and coming together bullshit.

Trump and his family have probably taken more pics with Lev Parnas than with Tiffany.

I wonder if there's an actual comparative count.

The Simpsons called Trump era decades ago

Is there a Republican that Lev Parnas didn't take a photo with?

Lev was every where.

Anyone here try Intermittent Fasting?

Care to share your experience?
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