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Good Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called

Except one...

In 1980, Reagan put Bush I, a moderate Republican, on his ticket

During the Republican nomination campaign, Bush mocked the core of Reagan's tax cut message by calling it "voodoo economics".

Why did Reagan do that? Because he needed a united party to go after Jimmy Carter. Reagan was the leader of the conservative movement, yet he understood the need to bring people along with the movement instead of mocking and insulting them.

--On Edit--

Barry Goldwater was the angry conservative. Ronald Reagan was the happy conservative.

Goldwater lost big. Reagan won big.

The lesson here is that anger has limited appeal. Yes, it can get you a following, but you won't be able to expand it into a movement.

At times Reagan was angry where and when needed, but he also smiled and showed optimism when needed. He was an actor and knew how to play to the room.

For a movement to be successful, you need a mix of anger and optimism. You need to speak equally to fear and hope.

The Galaxy Song - Monty Python's Meaning Of Life

Major loss tonight for Bernie Sanders.

This past week was the first week that Sanders ran as a clear front runner, and it's been a disaster. He failed miserably to broaden his movement, and huge parts of the party are expressing outright hostility to his nomination.

So far, he hasn't shown that he can move from an insurgency campaign to a clear leader.

We nearing the time to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump

This virus threatens our health and is already creating a major drag on the global economy. Trump's response to it has been subpar. Shit is getting real now. We don't need a WWE character as the president. We need a real president who listens to experienced professionals in the field.

Warren is a decent person at a time when our politics are very, very indecent

Right now, the two most popular national politicians are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and there's a clear connection between the two. Both are hyper combative. Both know how to stoke anger and attract angry followers. Both are unconcerned about building a coalition with anyone or any group. Both are absolutitsts.

Warren is a decent, caring, compassionate human being. She's the only candidate that can unite the moderates and progressives together. The fact that she's not doing better tells us more about us than about her.

OMG, Chris Matthews

Did anyone else just see that?

During the panel discussion, they cut to a live shot of the audience at Trump's rally tonight in SC. On Tweety's panel was Democrat Jaime Harrison. At Trump's rally, there was a shot of Lindsey Graham next to SC Sen. Tim Scott.

Tweety said something like, "Jaime, I see you standing there next to Lindsey Graham." Which was bad.

Powell and The Fed must be getting all kinds of heat to lower rates yet again

Problem is, rates are already low. They can go to zero again. They can also do QE. They can even go to negative interest rates.

But zero rates coupled with the threat to global supply chains, we would run the risk of hyper-inflation.

Which Democratic candidate for President do you trust more to handle this coronavirus pandemic?

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