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New York no longer leads in both new cases and new deaths

Illinois takes the lead in new cases, and New Jersey takes the lead in new deaths.

This is only a one day count. We'll see if this trend continues.

White House daily shitshow briefings has a new leading star.

You know like when they switched Darrens on "Bewitched":

New Trump press secretary holds first formal press briefing

New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Friday is set to hold her first press briefing with reporters in the White House briefing room. McEnany's briefing is the first formal press briefing from the White House scheduled in more than a year. The briefing is slated for 2 p.m.

Watch live in the video above.

If Biden and the Dems do not win control of our govt, we are done as a nation. Completely done.

We will never get back to any semblance of normality again. Why? Because a 2nd Trump term with Republican control of the Senate reinforces the philosophy that we do not need a federal government at all nor do we need a competent president. As a nation, we will have to face the current and any future global crisises on our own which will eventually lead to chaos. Whatever is left of our government will only serve the needs of the wealthy and no one else.

You may think that I am being hyperbolic, but I just ask you. Look at the current crisis. Look at the response from our federal government. We've lost 21 fold people than we did on 9/11, and the federal government under this president is not doing nearly enough to mitigate the damage to our nation. What makes you think that things will improve if he and the Republicans are given power again? What happens when the next global crisis hits? What then?

Nothing around you is guaranteed. It can all go away. We have what we have because people fought for it and protected it. If we don't protect it, it all goes away.

--On Edit--
If you're some sort of Marxist Accelerationist, in thinking that the only way forward is to tear it all down (see Susan Sarandon), then you are playing with fire. A new Trump administration with a Republican senate is not going to lead to a Socialist utopia. Just the opposite.

We can no longer deny how dysfunctional the US economy truly is.

Progressives know full well how completely dysfunctional the US economy has become in the past 40 years. Our economy is more like a developing world's economy than it is to a developed economy. The thing is, we have enough wealth and just enough of a functioning economy to hide our flaws.

The fault for this lies squarely on Republicans. When in power, Republicans run up massive deficits/debts and leave the economy in recessions or near depressions. Both Clinton and Obama had to expend a lot of political capital just to right the ship, and once the ship is in place. Poof! All political capital is lost, and they're facing a do-nothing congress.

The fact that the stock market is doing well and has nearly recovered all of its losses while the rest of the economy is heading into a depression is more evidence of the dysfunction. Everyone is going to say, "well, the markets are forward looking", but "forward looking to what"? The global economy has not been this unsettled since WWII. If we get another spike, we may have yet another lockdown.

No, the markets are reflection of interest rates, not some "forward looking" bullshit. The Fed will pump money into banks which will ensure that the markets remain high through lowering the cost of borrowing by their largest customers. IOW, the wealthy and big corporate America can borrow money at little or no cost if needed.

I want Stacey Abrams as Governor of GA more than VP.

GA, NC, and TX are the keys to keeping Republicans out of the presidency. If those states become reliably blue like VA is becoming, the Republican party as we know it is finished.

Governor Abrams could do a lot more to make that happen than Vice President Abrams.

My humbly proposed guide to Vice President Biden on how to select his VP

1. Create a list of candidates, e.g. Klobuchar, Harris, Warren, Abrams, Whitmer. You can have more if you would like. I'm just using five for this example. Okay, so we have five candidates,

2. Create a list of the most important attributes that you want your VP to have, e.g.
"Comfortable that the choice will be ready to assume the office on day one."
"Has experience working in government at high levels"
"Can help me get things passed in congress"
"Can help me govern as president"
"Can help win a key swing state"
"Can help win an entire region"
"Can help turn out the base"
"Can help turn out the Obama coalition"
"Can help turn out progressives"
"Can help turn out moderates"
"Can be a good attack dog against Trump"

Again, this list can be much longer.

3. Final step. For each attribute, score each candidate on a scale of 1 to the total number of candidates with the highest number meaning that candidate is the best suited for that attribute. In our example, there are 5 candidates, so the scale will be 1 to 5 with the highest score being best suited for that attirbute:

"Has experience working in government at high levels": Klobuchar-5, Warren-4, Harris-3, Whitmer-2, Abrams-1.
"Can help turn out the Obama coalition": Harris-5, Abrams-4, Warren-3, Whitmer-2, Klobuchar-1.
"Can help win a key swing state": Whitmer-5, Klobuchar-4, Warren-3, Harris-2, Abrams-1

Final score with jsut these three attributes: Harris-10, Warren-10, Klobuchar-10, Whitmer-9, Abrams-6

The candidate with the highest score should be your VP. In case of ties, give the most important attributes greater weights, and re-score.

I think that the media is finally understanding that Trump is not even trying to lead through this..

crisis. He's only looking for some kind of positive narrative to exploit for political gain. His only concern is his re-election, nothing else.

These press confernces have been an endless parade of positive platitudes, self-congratulations, and miracle cures. Meanwhile, America leads the world in cases and the number of deaths. And parts of our economy is in ruin while the stock market is crawling back to its highs. Thus, proving that the stock market is completely disconnected to the underlying economy.

What do we have to do to get Republican Presidents to read their Presidential Daily Briefings?

Both Bush and Trump did not read their PDBs (9/11 and Covid-19) and it resulted in disaster.

Hey, I know. Just elect a Democrat as president.

In normally functioning democracies, they have public health officials updating the public

with much needed information.

At today's Trump "press conference", it's a parade of CEOs exchanging platitudes with the president.

If Neo in the Matrix was a cat

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