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I'm watching Fantasia for the 1st time.


I know why Trump didn't respond to being briefed about Putin's bounty.

He and Jared were probably trying to figure out how he could cash in.

Why was Mickey Mouse apprenticing with a Sorcerer?

Was that ever explained?

Let's cut to the chase. Demand that Trump resign today.

As long as he's in office, he's a danger to the American people. Further investigations by the House would result in nothing since we know that Senate Republicans won't do anything. Any agency investigations by any IG won't matter because Trump will fire them. The courts cannot be relied upon because Barr will intervene. Finally, waiting until the elections in the Fall will only result in more Americans dying because of the virus and in Afghanistan or whatever else. Even if he loses, he'll still have 2 months to do even more damage.

The best path for us is a national chorus of voices demanding his resignation. Our energies should be focused on that instead of chasing down every new scandal.

5/20/2020 Governor Ron DeSantis berates reporters about covid-19

6/26/2020 - Florida reports almost 10,000 new cases following a day where they reported almost 9,000 new cases.

This is like a really, bad cheap horror movie.

Who should Biden put on his pandemic response team?

Who should be his HHS secretary?

Here's why the GOP is so bad at governing and politics, and why they still support Trump.

The GOP no longer represents voters. They represent their donors. Why is the GOP's response to covid-19 so inept? Because they're donors are not suffering, and if they are suffering its due to the quarantine not the virus. So, that's why there's a huge push to re-open the economy over taking active measures to prevent the spread of the disease. A quarantine hurts their donors.

So, why the Trump support? Trump delivers voters to their donors' agenda which is politically unpopular. For example, take the ACA. The American people support it and/or want to improve it. GOP donors want it gone entirely and go back to the days when insurance companies could maximize profits. Trump is in court right now to strike it down. In sum, Trump delivered voters to an unpopular policy agenda favored by the GOP donor class.

Two schools of thought on how to advance Progressivism in the U.S.

One is to "take over" the Democratic party by electing progressive candidates in primaries, so that in the general election, there will be a clear choice for the voters. Make a bunch of promises on healthcare, education, income inequality, etc., and the overall voting patterns of the general electorate will change. White working class voters will vote for the clear progessive candidate.

The other school thinks that the best way to change the overall voting patterns of the general electorate is to pass into law progressive legislation that demonstrates how the government can be used to improve the lives of the electorate. Because once that progressive legislation is in place, the electorate will vote for the candidate that will preserve it.

The best example of the second school is the ACA or Obamacare. The provision in that bill to expand Medicaid. In 2018, voters in the state of Utah forced their state government to expand Medicaid coverage:

Since Utah voters approved a November 2018 ballot measure to adopt the ACA Medicaid expansion up to 138% of the FPL, the state legislature has taken steps to roll back the full expansion.


Medicaid expansion, like the increase in the min. wage, are becoming issues that push America more towards progressivism than electing progressive candidates.

Trump is an energy vampire

6 Signs You're Dealing with Energy Vampires

Anyone else here struggling with the Windows 10 updates?

I installed them over the weekend, and on Sunday, they crashed my computer. So, I uninstalled them, and that made my system unstable.

Then, I re-installed them which may have done the trick, but it's still a little buggy.

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