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For Trump to win, most Americans will have to discount their own personal suffering...

because of this pandemic. That's what it would take for Trump to win an honest election. People who've lost loved ones. People who've lost jobs. People facing evictions. People still quarantining themselves. Restaurants and bars that have to close. The decimation of the travel and tourism industries. Parents struggling with school for their kids. College kids who have to go to school online.

So, you want me to believe that people will discount their own every day suffering because of protests in Portland and Kenosha? Really?

If we're more afraid of Black people than we are this virus, then we should not continue to be a nation. It's not worth saving.

The U.S. has the most covid-19 deaths in the world at 187,569

1. Only one other nation has at least 100,000 deaths and that's Brazil at 120,976.

2. No European nation has over 42,000 deaths.

3. Canada has less than 10,000 deaths.

4. Australia has less than 1,000 deaths.

5. South Korea has less than 500 deaths.

Source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

If this country is dumb enough to re-elect this president given these facts, then we are a failed state and should not continue.

--On Edit--

World's deaths per million: 87
US death's per millon: 568

"Who there? I see you. Stop looking at my mommy. Pervert!"

Can we please stop over-reacting to everything in the news? Esp. cable news?

Cable news rotates stories that generate ratings. That does not mean that these stories are important to Americans or voters. These stories are there to generate viewers and violent clashes are top ratings getters.

People are suffering all over this country from the pandemic and horrible response of the Trump administration to it. Not making that the top issue of this campaign does more damage to the Democrats than protestors in Portland, something that the Democratic candidates have zero control over.

And if I am wrong and Trump pulls off a victory by exploiting the protestors and small, violent clashes in two American cities, then we have much, much, much bigger problems in this nation. It will be a sign that we are heading to a civil war.

HBO Max's documentary "Class Action Park" and American's pandemic response

Last night I caught HBO Max's documentary "Class Action Park". It's about a water theme park in New Jersey, called Action Park that opened in the 1980s. It was owned by a shady former Wall Street trader, and he operated it with virtually no safety rules or checks. He didn't even have insurance on the place. Multiple kids got injured on various rides, and there were even some deaths.

The documentary interviewed adults who were kids at the park during that time. The park was literally run by teenagers. Think of it as an 80s movie in real life. Many of the interviewees fondly remember the lack of rules, safety, and adult supervision. Kids were free to do whatever they wanted. Getting injured and scarred were signs of pride.

I was their age at the height of the park's popularity although I didn't live in NJ and never heard of the park until I saw the documentary. I do vividly recall that era and how kids were pretty much allowed to do whatever they wanted without adult supervision. The 80s were the time of Reagan and de-regulation.

That period has made a large imprint on our culture today. The 80s kids never really grew out of it. Recklessness and indifference to human suffering are common with this generation. Nothing can hurt me, and if you get hurt, suck it up. This explains why so many are repulsed by laws mandating wearing masks.

Did you know that "Ivanka" is not her real name?

It's Ivana Marie Trump. Keep that in mind if she flees the authorities.

Trump was born in Manhattan, New York City, and is the second child of Czech-American model Ivana (née Zelníčková) and Donald Trump, who in 2017 became the 45th president of the United States. Her father has German and Scottish ancestry.For most of her life, she has been nicknamed "Ivanka", a Slavic diminutive form of Ivana. Her parents divorced in 1992 when she was ten years old. She has two brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, a half-sister, Tiffany, and a half-brother, Barron.


We can easily defeat covid-19 without a vaccine. Easily.

The virus cannot live unless it's in a human host. It doesn't live on counter tops. It doesn't live in fresh air. It's not on the floors, etc. It needs a human host, and by denying it such hosts, it dies. It goes away.

Thus, the path to defeating the virus is through managing social behavior:

- Lockdowns
- Social distancing
- Wearing masks outside of your homes
- Washing your hands
- Provide people with economic assistance so that they don't have to work
- Pay essential workers bonuses

- And most importantly, massive testing. Tests to see that the virus is suppressed to a certain level. Once it reaches that level, then open things up slowly. If there are outbreaks, close it back down again. Contact trace and suppress the spread.

Do this for certain amount of time, and the virus will disappear eventually on its own.

What proof do I have? See NY state. We had it worse than any other state in March and April. By following the steps above, our positivity rate has gone down to 1% as our testing has increased. IOW, it's become manageable. Soon, it may be gone entirely.

Other countries have done the same. See Canada for example. They've been able to suppress the virus. Soon, it will be gone entirely from that nation.

But in the U.S., the needs of our corporate overlords always come first and foremost. If we can't put them on hold for a few months, then we're done as a nation.

What if another nation was posed to invade us and it was in the interest of our corporate overlords to allow them to occupy us. Our stock market would triple in value if this nation occupied us and strip us of all of our rights. Would we lay down our defenses?

The Kenosha shooter's self defense argument and mass shooters

So, I've read quite a few posts saying that the 17 year old will get off on self defense. Thinking about it further, if that's true, then couldn't a mass shooter claim the same defense.

Hey, the shooter walked into a school with a gun, and when people tried to take it from him, he fired to protect myself. The Kenosha shooter shot randomly into the crowd.

The Zimmerman self defense argument is a sign of a society lacking civilization.

Anyone here know the Canadian refugee/assylum laws?

Just asking for a friend. Thanks.

Trump recycled his 2016 RNC convention for his 2020 RNC convention...only with far less energy.

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