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Profile Information

Name: Dave Allsopp
Gender: Male
Current location: Washington, DC
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 18,914

About Me

I co-founded Democratic Underground with Skinner in 2001.

Journal Archives

Pic Of The Moment: Conservatives Excited For Covid To Go On Indefinitely, Cheer For More Deaths

Fauci Said It's 'Horrifying' That CPAC Attendees Cheered About The US' Lagging Vaccination Rate

Pic Of The Moment: Let's See How Kevin McCarthy Is Handling The Jan. 6 Investigation So Far

House reaches a deal to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol attack

McCarthy opposes bipartisan commission to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol attack

House votes to create select committee to investigate January 6 insurrection

McCarthy threatens to strip GOP members of committee assignments if they accept an offer from Pelosi to serve on 1/6 commission

Cheney joins Dems on Jan. 6 probe, defying McCarthy threat

Kevin McCarthy chooses sabotage

Pic Of The Moment: 18 More Months Of Chaos

GOP Lawmaker Says He Wants 18 Months of 'Chaos'

Pic Of The Moment: Indictments Somehow Cause Tax Expert Trump To Forget Everything He Knows

"I know more about taxes than any human being...."

Transcript of Trump speech in Orlando FL

CNN’s Jim Acosta Answers Trump’s Rally Question About Tax Evasion Charges: The People Who Put the Trump Org CFO In Handcuffs ‘Know the Answer to that Stuff’

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

Pic Of The Moment: Looks Like Someone's Getting A New Logo!

Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg charged with 15 counts in alleged tax fraud scheme

Trump's business was just labeled a 'criminal organization'

Pic Of The Moment: The Priorities Of Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy threatens to strip any GOP member of their committee assignments if they accept an offer from Pelosi to serve on 1/6 commission

McCarthy wants Nunes to investigate the NSA because Tucker, but he won't investigate January 6

General Michael Hayden to Kevin McCarthy: "You're an asshole"

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