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Profile Information

Name: Dave Allsopp
Gender: Male
Current location: Washington, DC
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 18,608

About Me

I co-founded Democratic Underground with Skinner in 2001.

Journal Archives

Pic Of The Moment: The Trump Doctrine Explained

Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate deal

Officials: Trump may roll back Obama opening with Cuba

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of Memorial Day Weekend

GOP Congressman Declines To Say Whether Every American Is Entitled To Eat

Portland Republican says party should use militia groups after racial attack

Dave Daubenmire: America Needs ‘A More Violent Christianity’

Kentucky Newspaper’s Windows Shattered Amid Rising Anti-Press Climate

Texas Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Colleague After Reporting Protesters to ICE

Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist

Pic Of The Moment: Poll: Voters Hate TrumpCare, Being Lied To

Poll: 57% disapprove of GOP health care bill

6 promises Trump has made about health care

President Trump’s false promises on healthcare

6 things in Trumpcare that Trump promised he would never do

Pic Of The Moment: Nothing To See Here -- Just Another Apparent Felony By The U.S. Attorney General

AG Sessions did not disclose Russia meetings in security clearance form, DOJ says

Pic Of The Moment: Well Now We Know Why Republicans Rushed Their Obamacare Repeal Bill Through

CBO: Republican health care bill raises premiums for older, poor Americans by as much as 850%

Two Washington Post graphics explain CBO report

The CBO Says Trumpcare Won't Cover Everybody With Pre-Existing Conditions

Millions Of Ill People May Face Extremely High Premiums Under House Bill, CBO Says

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Pic Is For The Trump Supporters

Trump Calls for a Massive Cut in Medicaid

5 Things to Know About Trump's New Budget Plan

Trump budget trims payouts for vets, government retirees

Republicans voice opposition to Trump's budget: 'Dead on arrival'

Upton: Some Proposed Budget Cuts Are "Non-Starters"

Pic Of The Moment: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross "Fascinated" That No Saudis Protested Trump

Wilbur Ross is happy that the Saudis didn't protest Trump — but he misses a critical point

Saudi Arabia imposes ban on all protests

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Completes First Leg Of World Hypocrisy Tour

Trump accused of rank hypocrisy in Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump appears to 'curtsey' to Saudi king after mocking Barack Obama for bowing

On Islam, Trump is consistently inconsistent

Donald Trump drops out of Saudi Arabia event due to 'exhaustion'

Pic Of The Moment: Here's A Book Recommendation For Trump's Advisers

Foreign Trip Comes at Crucial Time, but Trump Is a Reluctant Traveler

Trump sought to shorten overseas trip to 5 days: report

Donald Trump has four-minute attention span, Nato briefed

How Trump’s aides trick him into reading press briefings

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Reluctant To Go On Foreign Trip, Wants To Stay In The White House

Foreign Trip Comes at Crucial Time, but Trump Is a Reluctant Traveler

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