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The problem with political "isms"....

...is that they are words which get that badly abused by bad politicians and bad journalists that they become meaningless. Nothing more than bandy words for people who like to bandy words about.

To one politician something like "socialism" will mean pretty much any policy they like regardless of whether it is even vaguely socialist. To another politician it will mean the exact opposite, and the non political will only become ever more confused about what the politicians are wittering on about.

The worst of these terms is "Centrist". Not only because it gets used badly by the aforementioned bad politicians and journalists but also because it is a terrible term in its own right. The centre of the political spectrum is an entirely theoretical construct and changes according to political fashion.

Theresa May: Tories were not prepared for snap election

Well why the flying chuff did she call a snap election then?

The lack of self awareness from our Prime Minister is actually quite disturbing. Especially as she made the Tories general election campaign all about herself.


Theresa May has conceded her party was not ready when she called a snap general election in which the Conservatives lost their majority despite a hefty lead in opinion polls.

The prime minister said she had failed to communicate the message she gave on the steps of Downing Street after winning the Tory leadership last year, and that her words about making the country work for everyone “didn’t come through in the election".

The prime minister hinted that she believed there had been too much top-down control in the campaign, which delivered the Tories a net loss of 13 seats and forced May to strike a pact with the DUP in order to remain in power.

“There weren’t the links with the centre [of the party] that there should have been. That’s one of the issues we need to look at,” she said.

I always felt sorry for Dugdale

She came to the role much too early in her career, and she was always going to get slaughtered by all sides no matter what she did.

I do hope that Labour has somebody decent lined up to replace her, who can stand up to the Tories, the SNP and even Jeremy Corbyn on occasion!

The reason why they can get away with it right now....

....is that quite frankly the Conservatives don't look like a potential party of government either!

Politics in 2017 has degenerated into a contest to see who can bugger up the least! Pretty awful when you think about it.

Corbyn has already made many mistakes!

However, in the general election Theresa May made far more mistakes than Corbyn, and her party has paid the price for failing to make her more accountable.

It worries me greatly appreciate that British politics has degenerated into a contest to see who can f**k up the least, but that is where we are. On the eve of the most important negotiations since the end of WWII as well!

Really bad news

Even worse that it's over what should be a non-issue. Even if Farron didn't handle the subject well during the election.

The coalition was only 2 years ago, and that continues to hurt the Liberal Democrats far more than nonsense about whether or not gay sex is a sin. And the Liberal Democrats options to replace Farron have either been in parliament for about 5 seconds or carry baggage from the coalition that Tim Farron did not.

The Liberal Democrats platform this year was a colossal improvement from 2015. In a way it was quite disheartening to see people moving away from the Liberal Democrats and Greens towards inferior quality Labour candidates. Especially when Labour tended not to return the favours of tactical tactical voting, letting in Tories like Zac Goldsmith.

But more work needs to be done for the Liberal Democrats. Both in terms of rebuilding the party at grassroots level and fleshing out their platform with other positive policies besides opposition to the madness that is leaving the EU. The party is currently struggling to make it's voice heard against Corbyn's Labour, but sooner or later things will change. Farron stepping down will make that process much more difficult IMHO.

There is a lot to dislike about the Tory campaign

Suffice to say that if William Hague had campaigned this badly in 2001 he would have been slaughtered by many of the same people now lauding Theresa May.

One major issue I have with the Tory campaign is how centered it is on Theresa May. It's bad enough to make me stop taking pot shots at Corbyn fanboys!

It also affects the local campaign with Tory literature and those big signs you see in farmers fields proclaiming that Tory candidates are "Standing with Theresa May". This makes Tory candidates come across as little more than lobby fodder and will make it very difficult for them to challenge the executive as MP's. And we need more MP's to start holding the government to account for a change!

Still, could be worse than Lib Dems.....

My Labour MP has written a 4 page statement in favour of fracking locally and sent it to everyone in my postcode. This arrived through my letterbox inside a free glossy mag. It was the main topic of conversation at the pub quiz I attend, with people who are pro and anti-fracking being equally perplexed by the decision of the local MP to do this in the middle of a general election


This is of course in direct contradiction of Labour policy. In an area with considerable opposition to fracking, in a marginal seat and with the Tories clearly divided on the issue between local opposition and the national parties strong support for fracking.

And we have yet to see a proper general election leaflet from Labour!

Banking is a very important issue....

...because of the current drive by banks to shut local branches and make everything automated.

It's been driven by how the banks got stung over mis-selling PPI. The thinking being that if people mis-sold payment protection insurance in a bid to hit sales targets then the solution is to cut out the people.

This approach does cause problems for the customer. Many people, especially the elderly much prefer dealing with a member of staff face to face and don't trust online banking very much. A lot of people still don't have access to online banking.

Another issue here is financial advice. What happens when you need it? In times past you would have simply gone to your local bank manager. Now you are more likely to end up with independent financial advisers, who are not cheap, or in some cases going towards services such as payday loans that people would otherwise be dissuaded from using.

It's worth remembering what tourism is about

It's about enjoying yourself and relaxing. That's why we go on holiday. Being messed about at customs is neither relaxing nor enjoyable. And the possibility having to endure that sort of nonsense is a very good reason not to go on holiday to a nation that messes visitors about like that.
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