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America - Change it, or lose it.

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about nine letters

For some it means total government control that we need. To some that means it will fail -- so do I.

For some it means regulating some things that help businesses to thrive, such as requiring helmets and seat belt use. Those I can handle. As to what goes into cigarettes -- not so much.

For some it means having laws so people and business don't do bad things to each other such as making sure insurance companies pay up when the claim is made or that I pay up when I'm supposed to.

For some it means regulating some things that help people to thrive and have fun such as having Federal Insurance on banks and Social Security...

For some it means letting government handle things that are best left to government(e.g. water, electric, internet, health-care,..) and letting the market handle those things best left to the market(e.g. travel, shopping, cars, new-ideas,...). I like it here.

For some it means one man one vote, not one vote per million dollars owned.

For some it is to be avoided at all costs and we are all to be individuals until each of us is divided and eaten. I don't like this one either.
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