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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Japan
Member since: 2001
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And to think that there are some people on this site who delight in trashing Robert Jr.

"Her rebel flag earrings was blazin' in the light

At the honky tonk last Saturday night
And her spider tattoos was really out of sight
So I knew this gal was gonna do me right
So I sauntered up and told her, Honey you and me
Are meant to be together for eternity-y-y-y

And before long it'll be sweet love we'll be makin'
So won't you come home with me and touch my bacon?

I've seen that play before

Translation (very loose): Here we see Our Hero on the right taking a TPP stand against Warren, Sanders and Brown on the left, while the Republicans in the background cheer Our Hero on.
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