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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,967

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The Zen of a Wilderness Fire Lookout: Chop Wood .. Haul Water

The wood is obvious. The water is in the brown cubies behind me on the lookout catwalk. Each cubie holds 5 gallons of water, at 8#/gal. (40 pounds). I hauled them all up the trail from the truck-park .. at almost 10,000 feet. There are 15 cubies, not all in the photo.

I lost over 20 pounds this fire season. I am in better shape than I have been in years. I feel great! I am 72.

After a fire season in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, with no TV and scant news (my choice), I emerged with one question: "Who is the President now?"


Autumn Fog on the Bayou

Atchafalaya Basin Backwaters, Louisiana
2019 Bo Zarts Studio

Fire Lookout Dawn in Black & White

Pinyon Peak Fire Lookout
Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
Idaho - 2020

2020 Bo Zarts Studio

Borah Peak (highest point in Idaho) - Lost River Range

The fence is along the Lost River fault line, at the point of the devastating earthquake of October 28, 1983.
Custer County, Idaho - June 2020
2020 - Bo Zarts Studio

Back home from fire season 2020 in Idaho .. took a walk in the smokeless Blue Ridge mountains today.

Ran into a couple of right-wing neighbors. No masks (but we were outdoors), and they crowded me. And then #3 walked up. He forced a hand shake. Don't worry, I isolated that hand until I could scrub.

They got on the RW anti-USFS talking points. Then #3, after explaining how bad the USFS handled the 2020 California fires, jumps to RW COVID talking points ..

Wait, sez I. The USFS has no money. The USFS has been neutered. The USFS cannot afford a straw broom to sweep the forest floors.

AND, AND!, my youngest brother - who is 60, is a radiologist in Atlanta, recovering from COVID-19 himself, who is seeing more COVID-19 patients in the last few nights in the ER than ever. He says Trump is fucked, with respect to the lung imaging. His opinion based on what the docs are saying, and NOT saying.

My point? Right wingers are really stupid MoFos.

If Cris Christie's condition gets worse, he might - too - get medevaced by helicopter ..

50 years ago today (9/30/1970) I arrived in Saigon for my 365-day tour of duty in Vietnam ..

It was 50 years ago today - September 30, 1970 - that I stepped off a military charter United Airlines DC-8-61 at Saigon's Tan Son Nhut Air Base, and began my year-long tour of duty as a US Army fixed-wing pilot in Vietnam.

"Desolation Dawn"

Pinyon Peak Fire Lookout
Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
Salmon-Challis National Forest, Idaho
2020 Bo Zarts Studio

Pinyon Peak Road at Sunset

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Idaho - 2020

2020 - Bo Zarts Studio

A high-country storm and the morning after ..

One of several storms to hit my area of responsibility in the high-country wilderness of the Salmon Mountains of Idaho, late in the afternoon of July 24, 2020. This storm sat on top of Loening and Cabin Creek Peaks for quite some time, and over the headwaters of the Loon Creek drainage, about 10-15 miles south of my 10,000 foot perch on Pinyon Peak. Quite a lot of lightning ground strikes too, but ..

On the morning after the storms, fog spills over from the Feltham Creek/Beaver Creek drainage into the Trail Creek/Loon Creek side, while the Stanley Valley holds the low clouds and fog between me (on Pinyon Peak) and the Sawtooth Range. This was week two of fire season in the high country, and not a single fire start with all that lightning! The asbestos forest.

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
Idaho - Fire Season 2020
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