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In 2019 Putin displayed his goals - authoritarian and white supremacism - for the world

Or Europe at least : https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48795764
The Russian leader also praised the rise of populism in Europe and America, saying ideas like multiculturalism were "no longer tenable".
Since people were trying to guess. Of course, he would be the fuhrer of all that.

So, this what's happened to Kim Jong Un!

Mystery solved! That'll teach him to say he didn't send a nice note!


Cuomo press conference - we could have had an actress sitting there

had the "Revolution" had its way. It's a thought that every Democrat in NY needs to ponder on April 20 when we have our primaries. Why the need to challenge Democrats anyway?
I am definitely watching his briefings EXCLUSIVELY. The others only via twitter comments.

About that "being a cop"

good article about her prosecutorial career

“It is obviously true that Kamala Harris was a prosecutor. Sending people to prison is quite literally in the job description. But she was not “tough on crime” — she was smart on crime, before it was the politically savvy stance to be that way.
She created the Back on Track program as a D.A., which reduced recidivism and wiped the record clean for successful members, and expanded it as Attorney General. Other counties emulated the program and it was eventually expanded into a state-wide law. Kamala also established the California Division of Recidivism Reduction and Re-Entry.”

How did abortion become the standard bearer of RW? Timely re-visit

Samantha Bee has a history lesson for us - spoiler - racism has become a bit too embarrassing as the flagship o, they had to come up with something else

Pelosi: "Be ready!" (for impeachment)

In spite if some simplistic takes here - mostly from the alt-left, Pelosi has the roadmap clear:

Why Nancy Pelosi is not declaring the start of impeachment

I personally believe she personally would want it. But she needs the votes of lmost every Dem - and we have the Hoyers, Moultons, Tim Ryans ey al who probably opposed She had a conference call with everyone and counted the votes. We need to keep calling all of them and not attack Pelosi.

There is a straw poll today at DK

you may want to visit it

Kavanaugh had no reservations in the questions for Bill Clinton

when they went after a consensual affair. Since he seems to be now reluctant to answer personal questions let's review his list in the new light of Tits and Clits and No means yes:

Also, from the article "“IS IT TOO GRAPHIC?” Kavanaugh asked in an Aug. 31, 1998 memo to Starr aides. “SHOULD IT BE MORE GRAPHIC (kidding)?”

What a bunch of Meatheads! NY Daily News cover today on the Trumps

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