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Is there some veiled threat in bringing up this story?

Because, nobody looking good in it. But I guess you guys are past the need to look good.
Anyway, I bookmarked and my thanks to the many great contributors - a great history lesson for me. Comparing times, this reinforces to me the feeling that the D party was never more united, in better shape as this election year. The way the entryism attempt was repelled solidified this for me. UK Labour missed the diversity of our D party, that's why it was hollowed out/betrayed by Corbyn with disastrous results for the country.
hew concept for me too - so here it is

Charisma is a subjective thing, To you, media she is not, To her voters

at least the ones who really know her, she is. Bill Clinton talked about the 1%ers in his '92 campaign. They both talked about the need for the younger generation to do better than their parents for decades. And DID STUFF to make it so. I did personally experience Peace and Prosperity - not just a slogan. The world did exist before Bernie, and will continue to do so after him. Many of the Clinton voters in NYC were in Zuccotti Park (I do personally know quite a few). Now we took it to a higher level. The ones who are still trying to sleep there are the ones who never voted. Pretty much a metaphor for the primaries.

My vagina just demanded to vote again after reading this

So, I am not angry about the refusal to accept this historical moment or constant bullying of Hillary supporters - on line.in person, by phone. I feel so relieved to be mansplained! I am not angry about stuff like that http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/worlds_largest_fart-in_planned_for_hillary_clintons_acceptance_speech_in_ph (good luck with it - it will be outdoors)

OWS wanted to recruit Warren. Sanders was Plan B

I was part of it when it was legit, I watched it disintegrate at the end - I am watching the same process again. Of course the economic injustice is a crucial issue that traditionally Ds address - and remedy. Peace and prosperity. Taking us out of crisis. And please don't blow up banks - my savings are in there!
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