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David Zephyr

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President Obama, Secretaries of State and Defense John Kerry and Chuck Hagel

President Obama, Secretaries of State and Defense John Kerry & Chuck Hagel. There's sure a lot of second guessing about these three men. Some of the posts here lately attempt to falsely reduce them to bloodthirsty, trigger-happy men. It's beyond preposterous. It's pathetic.

Anyone who actually thinks these men are warmongers with itchy fingers needs to have your head examined. Seriously.

I did not just not support the War in Iraq, but I also, unlike the majority at the DU way back when, also opposed the entire War in Afghanistan from the beginning. It's all in the archives.

But just because I am old and my eyes are bad and I don't post like I used to because I can't doesn't mean that I don't come to this site and I must tell you that some of the swarm pseudo-liberalism that is I read here tearing down these three men who have stood in the gap to keep us out of or to temper wars (John Kerry said in the very beginning that the Afghanistan War should have been "a police action" and guess what? In the end it was a clandestine "police action" that took out the monster that killed our citizens on September 11, 2001. It did not require the occupation of another nation) is really gotten to the point of the absurd.

Do you actually think President Franklin Roosevelt did not understand that his nation was war weary after the stupidity of World War I? Do you actually think that he did not grasp the hypocrisy of the the Republicans at that time who were doing everything they could in Congress to keep us at peace with Germany? Do you think that he was itching to go to war? Hardly. But while we dithered let me remind you that SIX MILLION Jews were being murdered systematically including one million Jewish children and two hundred and fifty thousand homosexuals.

Gassing and murdering children is beyond shitty, it's just about as evil as it can get and the United States of America -- even after our last two extremely stupid wars -- should be a united voice against murdering children with chemical weapons. Real WMD. Not trumped up WMD. Real WMD that murdered children.

President Clinton stopped one genocide in the Balkans using American might. He is to be commended for that. Unfortunately, as he himself regrets, he let another one take place in Africa.

To me standing up to bullies is a big part of being liberal.

Let's not dive any further into the deep waters of self-congratulatory delusion: Of course we don't have to go to war to weaken this shithead in Syria. Well, guess what? President Obama and John Kerry and Chuck Hagel understand that better than any of us here.

Please pardon me if I've interrupted anyone's parade of self-indulgence and self-righteous smugness. I will only point out to you that there is a time to do the right thing and to stand up to brutal monstrous oppressors, especially those who are murdering children who have no one to protect them or to turn to.

Most everyone knows that Bob Dylan's great song "Blowin' in the Wind" opens with the line

Yes, how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned ?

But the song also points out the following:

Yes, how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn't see ?

If you are comfortable turning your head, then so be it. I'm not. And I am a liberal Democrat.
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