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Heaven's new angel: My cat Chewie

i had to put her to sleep yesterday. she was with me for ten years, and she was about 18 years old. it's so quiet in my place now...she was quite the talker...she talked all day, every day. i knew something was wrong when she stopped talking a few days ago. she deteriorated so quickly, but it was a blessing. she had never been sick before, so i am glad she did not suffer long.

when i was recovering from surgery last year, Chewie lay beside my bed for two days. when i left a little better, she jumped on the bed an licked my hand for hours. my mom told me when i was in the hospital for two days, Chewie cried almost the entire time.

Chewie had her issues: she did not like her feet or her tail touched, and she did not like to be picked up. she was quite the beauty, so people were drawn to her when she'd bask in the sun outside my apartment. But woe to the person who tried to touch her...they were often greeted with a quick slap, and sometimes a scratch.

Chewie was quite angry and aggressive when i first got her, but she mellowed over the years, and i learned to respect her quirks. she was a great friend and companion, and i miss her terribly. Rest in peace, my sweet girl.

Posted by noiretextatique | Fri Feb 24, 2012, 12:38 PM (23 replies)
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