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Growing up female

i am 53, so i grew up in the 60's and 70's when there were still many things women "couldn't do." i could not play saxophone in elementary school because i was a girl: girls had to play the violin or the flute. i could not wear pants to school until i was in junior high school because i was a girl. i could not take shop because i was a girl, and i was forced to take home economics because i was a girl. at some point (puberty) i couldn't do other things because i was a girl, like go out at night. my father thought the purpose of educating females was so they could land a doctor or lawyer husband. oh...i forgot about the smart thing. i was smart, and as a girl, i was told i could not be TOO smart, because that would scare somebody.

things have changed A LOT, but i was restricted in terms of what i could do, wear and say when i was growing up...because i was a girl.

please share what life was like for american females twentieth century. thank you.
Posted by noiretextatique | Mon May 7, 2012, 04:33 PM (96 replies)
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