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Name: Lynne
Gender: Female
Hometown: Wilmington DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 95,337

Journal Archives

My review of the 'Today' show after watching Palin for about 30 seconds


The 'Today' sunk so low I'd have to dig a ditch in the Mariana Trench to reach that level of low.

I guess they were talking about Oprah Winfrey's network and Lauer was asking everyone on the Today show if her network survived. Palin? "Only if she gets some conservatives and true patriots on there!"


You can't put politics aside for one whole hour, SIXTY FRICKING MINUTES just to try and show the world that maybe, just maybe you are NOT some aging cheerleader right-wing junkie for the GOP?

It's the "Today" show. If anyone wanted that much political grandstanding that early in the morning they'd be watching Faux News. The people who watch "Today" want to see the weather and discussions about amusing personal interest stories along with celebrity chit-chat.

My guess is she's got all those GOP talking points she memorized from her VP debate so deeply ingrained into her brain that if you'd ask her if she wants 'cream with your coffee' the first thing she's blare out is 'god-fearing patriots drink their coffee black because that's what Reagan would do. Cream in coffee is nothing more than that lamebrain liberal media trying to pull one over on us.'

Seriously, Sarah, if you want to be respected by more than then 30% right-wing teabagging nutjobs you need to turn down the crazy rhetoric and act like a normal person.

I didnt' stay on the Today show long enough to see if Matt Lauer popped an artery in his brain from the massive eye-roll he did but I could tell Sherry Shepard was annoyed.

EDIT CORRECTION: That was not Sherri Shepard on the show but Star Jones. My bad.
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