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Le Taz Hot

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,271

Journal Archives

On Amazon Prime: "Alpha House."

This series is hysterical. Written by Gary Trudeau, it takes no prisoners with Republicans. John Goodman stars.

Highly Recommended on Netflix streaming: "Stolen Summer"

One of those movies made awhile back but that you've probably never heard of. Starring Aiden Quinn, Bonnie Hunt and Brian Denehy.

DEAR DU PROGRESSIVES: I'm insensed that I did NOT get the memo. Who the HELL is in charge here?

Had it not been for DU's Third Wayers sending out the Bat Signal alerting DU's Democratic Party Faithful that apparently, all of DU's progressives have signed on to the Ron Paul for President campaign I would have never known! I just want to know, where the HELL is my memo? Do we need to overhaul the mail room, the data processing methods, what? Come on, people, get your act together! I mean, if I was missed that means others, maybe thousands of us of us have not yet been informed that we must now align with the right-wing Libertarians.

Reduced to typing with one hand

due to cast on right arm. How DO you guys do it?

Surgery Wednesday. Need some positive DU vibes.

So, last Monday I was working at an apt. complex, had just completed an interview, was walking across the courtyard when I tripped over a raised slab of concrete I never saw coming. Proceeded to go ass over tea kettle, and dislocated AND fractured my elbow. Anyway, have to have some screws and a plate put in to put LTH back together again. Thank the goddess it's covered by worker's comp as I don't have insurance. The surgery is Wed.

So . . . could use some of those positive DU vibes if you've got any to spare.


Early Morning Make Up, Megatron and Disney


So, how cute is she?
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