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Le Taz Hot

Le Taz Hot's Journal
Le Taz Hot's Journal
September 30, 2015

We are sharing our templates for our Bernie Mask.

Full Disclosure: I got this idea from a picture that was going around from the MN for Bernie group. We just copied the idea. Print it out onto card stock, cut out the outline and use an exacta knife to cut the inside of the glasses and forehead out. The space at the lower-left of the mask is to put a label over with your group's name, etc. We taped a stick on the back using packing tape and voila! Mask!

Here's a link to the picture on FB:


September 30, 2015

So, between starting hate websites, doing "opposition research" on Bernie,

Alert stalking DUers, and trash talking here on DU, I have a question. When do Hillary supporters have time to, you know CAMPAIGN?

Seriously, I'm on social media, on DU and Kos, I'm all over this city doing campaigning for Bernie and not ONCE have I seen a table, a sign, a button, or a bumper sticker for Hillary. Not one.

So, Haters for Hillary, her numbers are going down down down in the polls. Don't you think you might want to change tacks and actually campaign FOR your candidate because clearly what you're doing now (or not doing now) is not working.

September 28, 2015

The "People for Bernie" Folks Made My Partner a Meme!

This is Yamina, my partner in crime here in Frezburg:


And we got our picture in angrymillennials.com. Our picture is about halfway down the page. The one with the student sitting down at the table filling our a voter registration form. (I'm taking the picture.)


September 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Candidato Presidencial Tu Haces Una Pregunta. Bernie Sanders Responde.

X-Posted from GD-P.

El precandidato presidencial Bernie Sanders estará en Univision Noticias respondiendo preguntas en español el próximo martes 29 de septiembre. #Destino2016

The Presidential candidate will be in Univision Noticias Bernie Sanders answering questions in Spanish next Tuesday 29 September. ‪#?Destino2016


September 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Candidato Presidencial Tu Haces Una Pregunta. Bernie Sanders Responde.

El precandidato presidencial Bernie Sanders estará en Univision Noticias respondiendo preguntas en español el próximo martes 29 de septiembre. #Destino2016

The Presidential candidate will be in Univision Noticias Bernie Sanders answering questions in Spanish next Tuesday 29 September. ‪#?Destino2016


September 27, 2015

So, there's no time set for the October 13 debates?

Is this a difficult thing? Could somebody get Debs a watch and teach her the difference between the big hand and the little hand? Seriously, what the hell? Everyone's trying to set up debate parties and nobody knows what the starting time is.

One might think that she doesn't want people to watch the debate. Wonder why that would be.

September 25, 2015

The BEST Blue-Collar Rant Ever (pro-Bernie)

For a good twenty years, I’ve been breathing carcinogenic fumes through the cheapest respirator I could get, or working on rooftops, or working with dangerous power tools, or welding, or getting paint in my eyes, or underneath cars, or sweating outside in the sun, or demolishing old plaster walls, or getting covered in drywall dust, or risking my body in some other unsafe way, sometimes ten hours a day, making $100 a day on average, 5 days a week, if I’m lucky and busy. In an average month, that’s $2,000 a month. And it’s been below the average lately.

Rent is about half that per month in my part of the country for a decent house to raise my kid in. Gas, electric, water (+ $300), internet (no cable), truck payment, gas for a blue collar (big-truck-needing) gas-hog work truck +$350), Netflix (cheaper than cable, sue me), generic groceries, and twenty extra bucks to do something fun with my kid once a week (+300)…

That’s fifty bucks extra a month. Hope the truck doesn’t break down. Or I get injured. Or fucking ANYTHING AT ALL HAPPENS. Or, dear me, hope I don’t want to own a house.

☆[I’m worried, at this point in my little essay here, I will begin to lose those of you who don’t vote, or aren’t into politics. Please, stay with me.]☆

And there’s three things a conservative rich fuck better not even DARE telling me about that list:
1.Read that first sentence again; don’t even THINK about saying I don’t work hard enough.
2.I don’t want to hear about getting an education; the degree I’m chasing is in physics. I’ll bet I’m smarter than almost every fucking one of those soft-skinned millionaires and billionaires, but had shittier luck. I’m human.
3.Don’t tell me to eat healthier. I buy what I can afford.

So when Republicans talk about Planned Parenthood and government shutdowns, I listen. We “lower class” citizens NEED to have Planned Parenthood; it’s not like they’re providing us universal health care without a fight.

When Republicans talk about the second amendment, I listen. Because there’s nothing about a redneck carrying an assault rifle into the grocery store that screams “well-regulated” to me. And it’s not like I could afford a gunshot wound. You know, needing health care while I’m recovering and unable to pay bills.

When Republicans talk about allowing vaccine “freedom”, I listen. I can’t afford to get the MOTHERFUCKING MEASLES THAT WERE ERADICATED IN THIS COUNTRY FIFTEEN MOTHERFUCKING YEARS AGO. Because again, no universal health care.

When Republicans talk about income equality… Oh. Never mind. They don’t. What’s that? “Why?”, you say? Well, because they have the money. Their tax system allows them to keep their money, while we have to give them some of OUR money. Neat system, huh? See, THAT way, they can keep getting MORE money. And keep keeping it, too. Shit ain’t FREE, brother! Gotta keep paying for those trips to Belize, the escorts to keep them company, the chemical “entertainment”…

It isn’t just about “burger flippers” getting a reasonable wage, although that’s part. See, they work hard too. Plus the “upper class” still needs the shit we “lower class” citizens make. And I agree with the original poster; sometimes you’ve got kids. Sometimes you’ve got medical bills. Sometimes life gets in the goddamned way of your dreams, no matter how hard you work for them. Read my list again, and take note how low in priority FOOD is.

But it’s also about the economic elite getting to influence the legislation, in ways obviously favorable towards themselves. We pay twenty or more percent of our wages to fund the government’s day-to-day operations, and they get to store their money outside the country and evade paying, in many cases, ANY taxes.

The elected officials they court fly first class to Belize with the aforementioned hookers and blow to discuss “domestic policy” with their billionaire campaign contributors. And sometimes they’ll just flat out BUY an election, guaranteeing an elected government official will always vote in their favor. That’s why there’s guns everywhere. Unregulated guns. School shootings. Church massacres. That’s why we don’t have realistic alternative energy options. And ozone depletion. And global warming. That’s why we have a constant American presence in the Middle East. And dead soldiers. Fathers. Brothers. Mothers. Sisters. CHILDREN.

And Democrats are no better. Different causes, same results. Yes, Hillary, too.

All for money.

When Bernie Sanders talks about income equality, I listen. But that’s different. Bernie Sanders is different. He walks to work. He flies coach. His largest campaign contributors are labor unions (not banks and corporations). He doesn’t run negative campaigns. He agrees with scientific consensus; doctors, nurses, climatologists, and Neil deGrasse Tyson (♡ . He doesn’t take corporate contributions.

That’s a big one. He’s funded by small donations from regular people like us, $2 or $3 at a time. We can’t afford more, and he knows it. And he wants to help.

Just read about him. Watch a speech from him. Like him on Facebook and scroll through his posts. I don’t have to convince you. He will.

He’s the one we’ve been waiting for.

Unless you’re happy with the daily struggle and pleased with the government’s way of doing business, JOIN THE REVOLUTION.

Vote for Bernie in the primary election! Let’s get him the Democratic nomination!



September 23, 2015

I'm finding it fasciating that all the polls include Biden.

I don't remember this ever happening with such regularity before as in ALL polls including a person that hasn't actually declared with no concrete evidence that he will. So, if the DNC is seriously thinking about Biden as Plan B, wouldn't this be one way to get his name out there so people will start considering Biden as an alternative to Hillary?

September 22, 2015

Hillary Had All the Marbles on Her Side of the Table Yet She's STILL Tanking

She has unlimited sources of money via high-stakes fundraisers and very friendly Super PACs, the Democratic Party Establishment pretty much announced to anyone thinking about running that Hillary was very clearly THEIR candidate (it's why Biden didn't jump in earlier), she's got the Super Delegates lined up, she's got most of the state party apparatus lined up, she's got herself a limited number of the debates and the lousy timing via her good friend Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who was every so accommodating and after ALL of that, she's STILL tanking. What the HELL does that tell you about Hillary Clinton's viability as a candidate? Seriously.

September 21, 2015

A Thread to List Your Activism and Your Ideas on Ways You Can Campaign for Bernie

I've listed our successes at the local university handing out Bernie fliers and getting people to sign up to volunteer with us.

We're having a Bernie Bash Pot Luck and Get Together at a local park (free) where, among other things, we're going to make Bernie signs. From there we're going to plan times to gather at major intersections in town with our Bernie signs (making sure that we have a voter registration table) to Get Out the Word about Bernie.

We're going to go to the swap meets with our Bernie t-shirts on and with English and Spanish fliers to hand out to attendants.

We're going to do the same at our Fair.

We're trying to host debate parties but all these damned libruls don't have TV's! (me included) So that's been problematic.

We're planning on having calling parties (the first one is for calling New York).

We're going to be walking our own neighborhoods when it gets close to our primaries to introduce people to Bernie and re-register them to vote if they need to in order to vote for Bernie in the primaries.

Those are off the top of my head and all things that are VERY affordable and in which most people can do.

So . . . fellow DU Bernistas, post what you're doing/planning on doing and post some of your ideas to share with your fellow DUers.

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