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A question for the scientists

So the virus has been here for a while..you got it early on and recovered..

now you get a test..

will it show up as a "marker" or will it show up and trigger a quarantine?...

Is the test sensitive enough to show an immunity because of a recovered exposure/illness or will any remnant trigger a lockdown?

How many of us could afford a 14 day stay at a hospital?

Washington does not have a handle on covid virus

My friend's daughter is a school nurse..she showed up at the elementary school like any other day..nowhere near Kirkland...doors are padlocked shut.

Kids were being loaded into school buses to be sent home .she spent 20 minutes trying to call..got no answers.

So in Puyallup wa, (in this school),kids were sent home with no notice ..hope they all had keys..

Mark my words.

I have a gut feeling that there will be NO debates between Trump and the eventual Democratic candidate..

Trump only "participated" in 2016 because he had to, but now that he is emperor, why on earth would he do it.

He is above it all now. He does anything he wants to and the LAST thing he wants is to be questioned by an adversary,,

Fixing the primaries

Dem party chairman draws..on camera in June of the year prior to the election year..This sets the order.. Primaries are one a month starting in January of the election year...all over by May.. So much easier to navigate..North-South in each..rural-urban in each..Big cities-small towns in each..

It would give a much more balanced result and give everyone a fair chance with demographics

Mittens is no hero..

He's the guy who rushes in after a person has died, and then makes a valiant and obvious attempt at CPR..

He's all worn out, sweating profusely as he accepts the plaudits and news coverage for trying so hard to save the guy..

He did it to needle Trump (which is a good thing), but nothing changed..

He's just like Poor Saint Susan of Perpetual Concern, who still votes party line..

The EB hotel has 133 luxurious rooms

And it is very near the doral... hint hint G7...I'm sure they would happily provide transportation to trumpville for the official stuff.

Starve the beast...make him eat a loss

El Paso,Please shun the asshole

The ONE thing this narcissist would hate the most would be to see empty streets and only his white-nationalist minions at his event. The day of his visit would be a great time for locals to have a family picnic or stay inside in the A/C & binge-watch anything on tv.

There is NO protest that would impact him. It would only make him feel sorry for himself and turn the protest to his advantage.

This visit is a naked power play on his part

It's like the uncle who molested you showing up uninvited to Thanksgiving Dinner

Finally watched "The Favourite...meh

Did I miss something? I was expecting more

What would congress do?

There are about 30K gun deaths every year..that works out to about 4 planeloads of people every week.

What if there were 4 plane crashes every week?

Would congress make new laws for Boeing/Airbus/whomever?

Would people be up in their faces about safety?

Do we ever hear this after a crash? "Now is not the time to..yadayadayada"

Must-see-tv..Fascism in Europe (Rick Steves' documentary)

Trump in a nutshell

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