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I am doing the same for my old bookmarks


Imagine a brokered republican convention

I can see Newtie racking up delegates in the south & the hyper-teabag people primaries.

Primary voters tend to be zealots.
Republicans loathe Romney
Even though they may not love Newt, they may turn out just to vote against Romney.

Romney has money, and this is his last-hurrah

He can probably win the more "sane" primaries, but between Ron Paul & Newt, there may be no clear winner..or a winner that could be palatable for a chance to unseat that "black-man-in their-white-house".

I can almost hear the scheming now.

I could see Jebbie stepping up with a promise to be a one-term president to "save America".

Why would he want to be a one-termer?

Here's why.

Bushies have always had a "dynasty" fantasy. [link:journals.democraticunderground.com/SoCalDem/183|The Litter Box Dynasty]

Poppy & Babs are still living, (but getting frailer by the minute). The Bush family would love to impact history by being the ONLY family in history to have a First lady who was also mother of TWO presidents/Father who was president & who had two sons follow him IN HIS LIFETIME.

I can see Jebbie coming in to "save the party" with Chris Christie as his running mate. Those two, as onerous as WE know them to be, would blow Romney/Newt/anyone else out of the water.

He could "do his one-term thing", and then Christie could run (and possibly win 2 terms with Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio as veep).

Republicans are bold, and as aggressive as a cornered, wounded animal, and they take big risks.

A one-term Jeb president could act with impunity, and would be aided by all those republican governors, the stacked SCOTUS and the republican house. We sometimes think of him as "the smart one", but he's still a Bush, and the same "handlers" would be on-deck to "help" him..

Scheming, die-hard Republicans could see this as a way to dominate for 20 years

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