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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Elon Mush is trying very hard to win the affections of Trump voters.

He believes he can duplicate Trump's success if he has the Republican base with him. His every move seems to be to grovel to the Trump base, in my opinion.

Politically, he is much more dangerous than Ron DeSantis, in my opinion.

He understands the power of propaganda and he has the tools to spread as much as he desires.

He doesn't want to rule the world. He wants to rule the universe.

How many MAGAs sincerely believe the Big Lie?

And how many doubt that it is true but are in deep denial because of their love for Trump?

How many are totally brainwashed and believe that anything that "fake news" reports is false?

Why are so many people willing to believe lies over truth and facts?

Have we seen enough to know that lies are so corrosive that they can destroy our entire system of government?

Were Pat Cipollone and Pat Philben lawyers for Donald Trump?

I seem to recall reading something about WH Counsels, not necessarily representing the President, but moreso representing the White House and the interests of the American people.

Is that not correct?

Footprints in the Snow

What happened to the 40+ folders of classified documents missing at Mar-A-Lago?

Were any of them ever recovered?

Does anyone know what was in those folders?

Are they being used as a negotiating tool?

Is it possible they were concealed in the 11,000+ documents of "personal" and "unclassified" documents that the Court just released?

It would be interesting to know what was in those documents.

Has Trump filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court yet?

Isn't that about all he has left?

He must feel like the walls are closing in on him?

"His" judge has been totally discredited.

"His" files have been taken from him.

"His" lawyers have left him to fight their own battles.

He has become a joke.

In a couple of weeks, the Supreme Court could burst his last balloon?

His lies do not carry the sheen they once did.

They are old and in the way.

Should Special Counsel request Trump's tax forms from the Ways and Means Committee?

After all, it was the IRS that took down Capone.

Unless, of course, there is nothing in his tax forms that would be considered "illegal". How possible is that?

In my opinion, the J6 Committee should turn over all of their interviews and evidence to the DOJ.

The DOJ should be able to use everything at their disposal to rid this country of this scourge.

From Absolute Deception to Total Denial

The Cult has to be recognized.

Were they deceived by the cunning words and actions of a Cult Leader?

Or did they choose to be deceived?

They probably are no more stupid than the average person?

They are who they are.

They are passionate in their beliefs.

The roots of their desires are probably as ancient as Buddha's fables.

The Oath Keepers were convicted of "Aiding and Abetting",,

What is "Aiding and Abetting"?


Aiding typically refers to actions that help the crime, like financing an element of the crime, while abetting often refers more to encouraging or instigating a crime. The words are frequently used interchangeably and are usually listed together as one type of crime, regardless of whether your actions were more assisting or encouraging in nature. When trying you for this crime, the prosecution will usually need to prove factors of aiding and abetting, which could include:

Is someone else actually responsible for the crime that you merely helped with?
Did you act in any specific way to assist the crime?
Did you purposefully help the other party commit their crime?
Was your goal to make their crime successful?

If the answer to these questions is "yes," you may be convicted for aiding and abetting. Intent to help the crime is a key element in an aiding and abetting charge. If you can prove any help you provided was purely accidental, you may be able to avoid the conviction. It's important to note that you don't need to actually be there when the crime took place. If you knew about the crime before, during, or even after it happened, you could be charged with aiding and abetting.

Justice is moving unusually quick.

If you step away, you may miss something?

We read that the January 6th Committee is wrapping up and getting ready to make their report to the public.

Also, we read that they have, in the last couple or three days, finally interviewed Mr Ornato, Trump's man in the Secret Service and his Assistant Chief of Staff. Finally, they may have uncovered what happened with the Secret Service on the day our Capitol was attacked?

Also, they had KellyAnne Conway come in yesterday to testify for 5 hours. That must have been a very interesting hearing? Just trying to keep KellyAnne on topic would have been a challenge.

And we read that the Jan6 Grand Jury had a subpoenaed Steven Miller come in yesterday and testify about what he knew. He probably had to dial down his smugness and arrogance before he entered the building?

Also, a jury found two leaders of the Oath Keepers militia group guilty of seditious conspiracy and their sentence is yet to come. This was a game changer for all the folks that talked about how it was like a group of "tourists" on January 6th and it really wasn't a big deal. This verdict stuck a big pin in that balloon.

Soon, we might expect charges of seditious conspiracy against Enrique (Henry) Tarrio and his group of Proud Boys that violently attacked our Capitol.

With the subpoena of Steven Miller, it does appear they are working their way up the ladder.

(And by the way, Mark Meadows has been ordered by the SC Supreme Court to testify before the GA Grand Jury.)

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