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The cable news networks are "normalizing" Trump once again.

Just as they did in 2016, but only worse.

Watching ABC and NBC this morning, you would never have known that one of the candidates for the presidency led a coup against our government and threatened the lives of our elected Senators and Representatives.

You would never have known that he was a threat to our national security or that he had stolen our most sensitive national secrets and taken them to his mansion in Mar-a-Lago. Or that he had refused to return them to our government.

You would not even have known that he had been indicted four times with 91 felony charges against him.

All that you would have learned from watching cable news this morning was that the former president was ahead of everyone in his race for the White House. You would have learned that the American people were very displeased with Joe Biden, on a host of issues, most of which they should be satisfied with the job that Biden is doing.

Then, there was the "age issue" again. They felt no need to inform the people that if Trump is elected president, he would be older than Joe Biden when he finished his term in office.

They failed to inform the people about the facts of the race. It is not enough to simply say he has been indicted four times, they must tell the people why he has been indicted. The crimes are unforgivable. There is no way to "normalize" them.

What's the problem with Kamala Harris?

If she is good enough to be Vice-President, she is good enough to be the President, in my opinion.

She has been the victim of vicious attacks from the other side, mostly from the racists and misogynists. They cannot bear the thought of a woman so close to the Presidency, especially a black woman.

From what I have seen and read lately, she has created excitement and passion wherever she has spoken. Women and younger voters are very receptive to her.

If, for some unforeseen reason, Joe Biden is forced to withdraw from the race in '24, she is more than prepared to carry the mantle. She has gained invaluable experience during these very trying times.

In my opinion, we should feel more comfortable with Joe Biden running at the head of the ticket, knowing that Kamala Harris is standing ready to do the job if she is needed.

We should ask, what Republican could do a better job?

The Party of NiXon and Trump - "We are not crooks"

Yes, you are.

Each and every one of you.

One thing Republicans have over-looked about Donald Trump.

He's a loser.

He lost the popular vote both times that he ran for president. He lost to Hillary by about 3 million votes and to Joe Biden by more than 7 million votes. The only reason he won against Hillary and came close in his race against Biden was because of the Electoral College vote.

But the Electoral College vote has nothing to do with the individual races of Republicans running for the House and Senate. They have been running under the mistaken idea that Trump was too popular for them to separate from him. The opposite is true. He was very unpopular in both of his races, when measured by the popular vote, which is the most accurate way for them to measure his influence on the electorate.

He was never what they thought he was. He was always the loser. The Electoral College gave the false impression that he was very popular with the American people. All along, they have been traveling on a yellow brick road.

He has always been a loser.

A failure in imagination?

It seems to me that more could and should be done to make elected Republicans pay a political price for their radical and un-American positions? For example, could not letters be mailed to registered Republicans in Alabama advising them to not send Tuberville back to the Senate because he is a threat to our national security? The letters would not have to be sent by Democrats. There are many Republicans and former Republicans that disagree with that guy.

It seems that no matter what they do, or how crazy they act, they never pay a price? Isn't there some way to appeal to their voters to punish their destructive behavior? All they need is to be asked.

It seems we are doing a lot of talking on cable TV and social media but we are never going directly to the source? That would be the voters that put them in power.

It just seems to me that money could be better spent to make these people pay the price for their actions.

What would happen if Donald Trump was arrested?

And jailed overnight?

Or jailed for three days?

Or jailed until his trial began?

Most of those in authority seem to believe that it is a gamble not worth taking. However, SC Jack Smith has not indicated that it is something he would oppose. We do not know where Merrick Garland stands on the issue?

They say it would only further divide the country and would likely create violence in support of the former criminal president.

But, if a gag order is placed on the former president and he immediately disobeys all the orders of the court, how can that be helpful for the future of our democracy? It's like former presidents have some sort of royalty position in American law. There was a time when former presidents, like Harry Truman, did not have enough income to live on and Congress created a pension for former presidents.

I am of the opinion that he should be warned to obey the orders of the Court and if he continues to scoff at the law, then he should be treated like any other American under the same orders.

Fear of possible violence is no reason not to enforce the laws of this country, in my opinion.

A quote by Aldous Huxley:

"The victim of mind manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free."

In the latest poll, Trump is ahead of Biden by 50% to 49%?

How is that possible when he only garners 50% of Republican voters preference in Republican primaries?

Where does he get the other votes?

Do Republicans that are against him in the primaries choose him over Biden in national head-to-head polls?

Or is he getting Democratic and Independent voters that are being overlooked?

It was reported after the 2016 election that Trump had gotten about 10% of previous Obama voters. That would be over 6 million voters.

Is that anything that Democrats should be concerned about?

Brian Karim made an interesting point about interviewing Trump.

I saw him on the You Tube channel and he made the point that Trump lies all of the time. And when a journalist asks him a question, he will lie a couple of times in his response. Then those lies have to be addressed. He said it could take an hour just to answer one question. Even Walter Cronkite would have a problem with him.

Then, the journalist is left with the option of continuing his/her questioning, as did Kristen Welker, or to continue to clear up the answer from the first question. Most journalists choose to move on and Trump is successful in spreading the lies that he chooses to spread.

The last time our country was nearly as divided as today was after Nixon, Watergate, and Vietnam..

But we had Jimmy Carter, a moral and religious man, to lead us back into the light. Although Jimmy is hanging on with the last ounce of his soul and praying for our nation, we do not have a leader like him to lead us today. That was his calling in life, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is no Jimmy Carter and there is no Republican that can lead this country morally out of this morass of lies and propaganda. Joe Biden has succeeded in holding the country together but Republicans have nothing to offer except criminals and criminality.

We are in a different place. There is no one that can unite this country.

Joe Biden should not be judged on his age - he should be judged on whether or not he can bring this country together. I am not sure there is anyone that can do what Jimmy Carter did in 1976. He served only one term but that should not be the measurement of a great president.

I wish he was 56 again.
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