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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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The last words of George Orwell

Whispers in Washington...


"If we don't fix this problem with fraud in the last election, Herr Leader is going to tell our voters to stay away from the polls and not vote in 2022 or 2024..."

"What are we going to do...?"

"We have to show him that we are loyal and we need him to help us win against the Democrats.."

"If he tells our voters not to show up, will they do what he says...?

"Of course! Don't be silly!"

"What can we do to make sure we keep him happy and our supporters go to the polls...?

"We can show him that we have his back and will defend him at all costs against the vicious attacks by the partisan Democrats..."

"We can make some speeches next week and vote to protect his good friend, Steve Bannon..."

(Very quietly) "Does that seem like extortion to you...?"

"Yeah...you just can't please that guy."

Do the American people deserve to know what happened on January 6th?

Is it OK to simply cover it up?

The Capitol, the symbol of our democracy, was attacked. It was not a tour. It was not a peaceful protest. It was an attack.

Do the people have a right to know who was responsible?

That seems to be the basic argument.

Some want to know the truth and some want to cover it up.

Should those that attacked our Capitol be held accountable?

Is it worth fighting for?

I Overlooked An Orchid

How will House Republicans vote in the Bannon contempt charge?

That is the most important question in the continuing assault upon our democracy, in my opinion.

Steve Bannon refused to come forth on a subpoena from Congress, at the request of Democrats and Republicans. That is a criminal offense.

How many House Republicans will defend the institution of the House and our Constitution? Will they put partisan politics above their responsibility to their oath?

If Steve Bannon does not have to testify when subpoenaed to do so, then who does? Is everyone associated with the Trump Administration exempt from questioning? Will it be the same the next time Republicans are in charge and wish to subpoena someone for questioning? Contrary to what you might think, that is not the way the system will work.

One question that will be answered when the vote on Bannon's contempt takes place, how much control does Trump still exert over the House Republicans? Was his threat to tell people not to vote threaten Republicans to the point of subservience? Many will vote not to refer the charge to the US Attorney in DC because they believe Bannon is too close to Trump to gamble with doing their job according to their oath and their Constitution. For some, that is no small deal.

Tuesday, Republicans get a chance to stand up for our democracy and the rule of law or they can continue their partisan tilting at windmills.

How many will have the backbone to stand up for themselves, over a would-be autocrat, and protect our Constitution?

Will Mike Pence be subpoenaed?

Should he be?

He hasn't been charged as planning any of the insurrection, as far as we know. We know he refused to go along with Trump's demands that he call the election for Trump. Trump supporters threatened to kill him. He talked with the former VP, Dan Quayle, to see if there was any way he could help call the election for Trump. Quayle told him no way.

Unless there is some new information that is more incriminating, I cannot see why they would need to call Pence?

Mark Meadows and Kash Patel may not sleep very well tonight?

They are scheduled to show up tomorrow for their subpoenas.

After the news about Bannon today, they may have second thoughts about protecting the con-artist, former president?

Maybe they should begin looking for a good attorney?

You think they might be on the phone with TFG today?

Trump's comments about "not voting" is a sign of desperation..

In effect, he is telling Republican leaders to either stick with him during these tough times or he will tell his supporters to not vote in the next election. It is sort of similar to extortion.

He is desperate because the chickens are finally coming home to roost. His allies are due to report for a subpoena today and tomorrow. Even though he has advised them to declare "executive privilege, there really is not much he can do to save them. He cannot stop the documents from being turned over to the Select Committee. He cannot lie or deceive his way out this time.

It is just a matter of time before everyone sees that the king has no clothes. He will stand naked before the world.

Today is just the beginning.

Morton Salt - "When it rains, it pours"

I think these subpoenas to former Trumpsters will resemble the motto for Morton Salt. When one or two have testified, and it becomes public knowledge, the witnesses will start to pour in like Morton Salt.

Most of them know who and what Trump is and they do not want to go to jail for him.

After the first few witnesses, the tide will begin to turn in favor of justice and much testifying.

TFG's Bluff

He doesn't want to go to court. He doesn't want his crimes to be exposed. He doesn't want witnesses called. He doesn't want evidence to be made public.

He doesn't want his allies and his henchmen to testify before the Congress.

When he threatens to take it to the Supreme Court, he is blowing smoke. He doesn't want to go in front of any court, unless it has been bought off.

The truth to Donald Trump is like a wooden stake to a vampire.
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