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Deval Patrick for AG?

I heard a guest on Ali's show this morning mention his name in a complimentary way.

He was an Assistant US Attorney General under Bill Clinton.

Would he be tough enough to handle the job ahead?

Will Republicans pay a price for their complicit and treasonous act to tear down our democracy?

Once voters have seen them thru the prism of time, will they be rejected as a Party?

Many folks see hard times ahead with our economy and lack of jobs. Republicans will attempt to blame it all on Joe Biden and the Democrats, to be sure. But, they have escaped the worst part of their political decisions up to this point, primarily because they have spent trillions of dollars to get us thru the election. Then we are on our own.

However, none of us can escape the damage done by Trump and his Republican accomplices. They threatened the lives and livelihoods of every American. There is little sympathy for those that were hood-winked and tricked by the macho talk of the wanna-be dictator. (There is little doubt left but that was his plan)

Both sides did not do it. Only one side did it. There is no escape from that fact.

Just Because

A "Strongman" should not be mistaken for a "Strong Leader".

Unfortunately, many American voters have made this mistake.

But they are not the same. Donald Trump is not a "strong leader". A strong leader does not fire people with a tweet. A strong leader does not treat people, especially children, the way that Trump treats people. He is a sadistic madman.

The only thing he respects is power and if he must use force to get it, then he will do so. In my opinion, his opponents do not realize the threat and the danger they are dealing with. When there are no boundaries and no rules, there are no laws that will not be broken.

No amount of BS (Blowing Smoke) can make up for incompetence.

It's not just the coronavirus. It is everything.

Playing everything by ear.

Some people are so good at BS that they could sell snow in Alaska. It would be the whitest, the purest, the softest snow in the world. His competitors would have an inferior product. They would probably have some sort of character flaw, for which they could be criticized?

But the BS does not make any statement necessarily true. There has to be a plan. People need to know what they are doing and why they are doing it? A friend from the hood is not necessarily the best person for the job.

It seems like our country is returning to some sense of normalcy, whatever "normal" might be?

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Which is worse? The Covid-19 Virus or the Trump Virus?

Surely both are deadly and Americans are dying from both of them.

One is biological and one is psychological.

One attacks the body and the other attacks the mind.

But both are killers.

It is unfortunate that we cannot agree on how to fight either one of them?

Both seem to have a common symptom - a fever.

One is with body temperature and one is with emotions.

But I think we can say with certainty that if we can get rid of one of them, we will rid ourselves of both of them.

Republicans are anti-democracy...

...and it is killing us.

The picture is grim.

The deadly cult cannot see that more people are dying and more people are being hospitalized and more people are hungry and desperate than anytime since this pandemic began.

They are too obsessed with the moronic and dangerous narcissist to even notice.

They are resorting to lies and fantasies, pushing seditious and treasonous ideas, to further his desire to tear down our democracy.

Their sickness is at a fever pitch.

They care nothing about the American people.

They only care about power.

How much farther do we have to go to get to the bottom line?

Simple Man

Why Donald Trump and his supporters have no reason to claim fraud?

We have seen polls on Donald Trump's popularity for more than 4 years and never, not once, has he been over 50% in the polls. The majority of Americans simply did not like him. He always see-sawed somewhere between 40 and 47%.

It is quite logical to assume that he never got 50% in his last race against Joe Biden. He received just where the polls said he would get on a good day. Nobody actually believed that he could get 50% of the vote.

Therefore, it is logical to assume that he lost very big on election day. He lost the electoral vote with a landslide 306 electoral votes for Joe Biden and 232 for Donald Trump. That sounds about right, considering that he is presently, at last count, almost 7 million votes behind in the popular vote.

It is insane to say that Donald Trump should have won in a landslide. No, he shouldn't have! If anything, he should have lost by more.

To listen to dumbasses on talk radio talk about how Trump was "robbed" or that the election was "fixed" is an embarrassing disgrace for our country. He lost because he should have lost. The numbers were never in his favor.

His supporters need to get off their delusional high horse and come back to reality. They are like the red-assed monkeys - the higher they climb, the more they show their asses.
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