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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
March 14, 2020

The crisis is one of totalitarianism.

The followers of a totalitarian Leader believe him over all experts and all evidence.

Once this coronavirus is past, we will be told that the Leader was right all along. It was all politics by people that hate the Dear Leader. It was a hoax. The government showed how powerful it was by shutting down everything from sporting events to schools to government offices, to crashing the stock market.

It was all the fault of the "drive-by" media. People were easily panicked into buying up all the bread and toilet paper they could find, as if those were the keys to escaping the apocalypse.

When people are so attached to a totalitarian Leader, no degree of disaster or crisis can change their minds about their Leader. Even if he contradicts himself from day to day, it doesn't matter to them. They have absolute loyalty to their Leader.

That is the problem our country is encountering and is even more dangerous than the coronavirus savaging the lungs of victims around the world.

It will be even worse once we have recovered from this disaster.

March 14, 2020

An earworm from Melanie:

March 13, 2020

It seems that the coronavirus affects different people in different ways?

For some, it can be deadly. For others, it is like a slight case of the flu. Some seem to have built-up immunities in their bodies that others do not have?

For some, it attacks the lungs much more aggressively than in others.

There is no one example we can use to guide our actions. Some folks seem hardly affected at all by the virus. We should not assume that we would be treated likewise by the virus.

We should look at it realistically. If we have a heart condition, or high-blood pressure, or diabetes, or other severe health problems, coronavirus could be very difficult to overcome.

Sometimes the best we can do is hunker down and stay out of the line of fire. With this "virus", if we must go out, we should practice social distancing. Keep away from crowded places. Wash your hands everytime you return to your house. Wear a mask or cough into your elbow sleeve.

Over time, people tend to build up immunities to every disease. This one is probably no different.

The more we can isolate ourselves, the better we may be?

This is just my opinion from information I have gleaned from different sources.

March 13, 2020

Some simple advice for Donald Trump:


If you cannot be the President for all the people of this country, then get the hell out. You were not elected to be the President for only those that wear red hats and support you.

We are all in this boat together. You don't get to decide who lives and who dies.

There are many, many people much smarter than you. You do not have the answer to every question. You are not an expert on every subject.

If you cannot be honest with the American people, and with yourself, then perhaps it is time to step aside. The job is too big for you.

Lies and deceptions and bullshit cannot be tolerated any further.

It's time to look in the mirror, Donald.

For the first time in your life, do something that is in the interest of our country, instead of yourself.


March 12, 2020

How irresponsible is it for Donald Trump not to be tested for the "virus"?

Numerous people that have shook his hand, or been in contact with him in some manner, have come down with the coronavirus or have self-quarantined.

If there is one person in our country that needs to be tested, it is Donald Trump.

At the moment, his incompetence is overwhelming our markets and creating fears and paranoia throughout our society. The people are looking for leadership and there is none to be found.

A good start to containing this virus would be to quarantine Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party.

March 12, 2020

People need to understand that lies, self-deception, and delusion are deeply infectious.

They can be even more dangerous than a world-wide virus.

Because when we refuse to recognize reality and to react rationally to reality, then that delusion is a threat to us all.

This is the "virus" that Donald Trump and his supporters have spread around the world. Their lies and delusions have affected us all.

It starts with what they believe to be a "small lie", such as, "this is the largest crowd in history to watch a presidential inaugural". It seems harmless, but it is not. When people accept such lies and delusions as the truth, it infects us all.

Now, that we are infected with a pandemic virus, it is a challenge to persuade and convince people that they are out of touch with reality.

Many still believe it is a "hoax". The Democrats and "fake news" are out to get their Dear Leader, Donald Trump. These people are a threat to us all.

March 11, 2020

How many people here believe that Biden can win without Bernie supporters?

Or is it that we have an inordinate amount of trolls that think otherwise?

Bernie supporters do not want him to drop out right now. It takes 1991 delegates to capture the nomination on the first ballot. Joe Biden now has over 800 votes. Why should they want Bernie to drop out right now?

Joe is not even half-way to the nomination yet. At least, not in votes cast.

I do not trust those folks that are crapping all over the Bernie supporters at this moment. They do not appear to want the Democrats to win?

March 11, 2020

Restoration over revolution

In my opinion, the voters are voting against Donald Trump and the Republicans moreso than they are voting for Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Voters want to restore some sort of normalcy and decency to our country.

In my opinion, the voters like Bernie but this is not a time they can gamble with "revolution". It does not mean that they are in love with Joe Biden. They support Joe Biden because he is the best hope to get our country back on the right track.

Just my opinion.

March 11, 2020

Will candidates be required to show their tax returns before the general election?

Of course, Trump's returns are probably still in "audit" and Republicans don't really seem to care. They don't care where he earns his money and they don't seem to care about coronavirus?

We shall see about the latter when he announces his next rally?

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