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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
March 18, 2020

Preventatively, we should re-institute a new (CD) Civil Defense strategy

In my opinion, we should use high school and college gymnasiums as spaces for beds and hospital tents. Local communities, along with the state's National Guard units, could put these beds and facilities together. Since schools are now closed, these facilities should be ready to use.

Sports teams use oxygen on their sidelines during games. They could use these for emergency purposes and begin producing as many breathing units as possible. This would be the responsibility of local governments.

This would be similar to the Civil Defense plans during the 1950's, when people were panicked by fear of nuclear attack.

These plans should be put in place as soon as possible, in my opinion.

March 17, 2020

'All Around Us Is Chaos': Inside a Rural Town Upended by the Virus


CYNTHIANA, Ky. — Closing in on a week after the coronavirus had descended on his small, rural community, James D. Smith sat behind a microphone in the WCYN studio on Main Street for his regular morning show, “Coffee Break Extra.” On his head, he wore a dark blue cap that said “mayor,” and in his eyes, the stress of the past several days.

“Everyone knows what’s going on,” the lifelong Cynthiana resident in his sixth year as mayor told listeners. “We’re keeping our hope up. We’re keeping our faith up. We’re keeping our chin up.”

Mr. Smith assured his audience that in these anxious times, he would keep the morning conversation light. And he certainly tried: His guest that morning had brought her daughter, a first grader, and he gushed about the drawing the little girl had made for him.

Still, it was impossible to stray too far from the emergency that has consumed his days, upended his city and been the talk of the town. A week earlier, a 27-year-old cake maker had tested positive for the novel coronavirus that has swept across America at a ferocious, frightening speed.
March 17, 2020

Don't Fear The Reaper

March 17, 2020

Mitch McConnell 'has blood on his hands' from coronavirus response, Democrat says


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's would-be Democratic challengers are raising the stakes amid the coronavirus pandemic, with one saying the Kentucky Republican's actions leave "blood on his hands."

Mike Broihier, a farmer and retired Marine, makes the claim in a blistering two-minute digital advertisement released on Tuesday.

Broihier argues McConnell knew President Donald Trump was unfit for office in 2016 but supported the New York real estate mogul anyway to appoint "far-right judges" and pass "massive corporate tax cuts" for his wealthy campaign donors.

"Because of Mitch, more people will die," Broihier says in the ad. "More Kentuckians will die. Mitch has blood on his hands."
March 17, 2020

Texas Restaurant Regular Stuns Staff by Tipping $9,400 to Help With Coronavirus Impact:


One customer at a restaurant in Texas has played a small part in helping its staff weather the financial storm of the coronavirus outbreak by leaving a tip of $9,400.

The U.S. Senate is set to pass legislation aimed at helping businesses and families deal with the financial impact of the pandemic which has closed bars, cafes and restaurants across the country and endangered the livelihoods of many people in the hospitality sector.

But staff at Irma's Southwest, in Houston, which has served Mexican food and Texas Hill Country fare since 1998, got a lesson in the kindness of strangers, when a regular, who has remained anonymous, left the huge tip.

On the receipt, the patron even wrote a message of support, which read: "Hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks."

The tip will be split evenly among the staff, with each worker getting around $300.
March 17, 2020

Republicans get religion: Trump, McConnell, and FOX News now believe coronavirus is not a hoax

Until this weekend, none of them seemed to take it seriously. In fact, McConnell released the Senate for a three-day weekend, even as a bill to address the crisis was on his desk.

Trump has never taken it seriously. Even as people all around him were testing positive for the virus. He called it a "hoax" and lied about taking the test for it. He was primarily concerned with the stock market.

But, FOX News put a couple of their airheads on hiatus for minimizing the pandemic virus and blaming the whole thing on "fake news" and the Democrats attempts to tear down Donald Trump.

However, sometime during the last couple of days, it seems that Jesus must have laid his hands on them? Either that, or the 3,000 point drop in the stock market yesterday opened their eyes.

Whatever it was, it is no longer funny. It is very serious.

In the last couple of days, it has been like a mass baptism of the Republican Party.

March 16, 2020

Would it restore confidence in the markets if Trump were to resign?

He has no credibility.

His lies and deception have not helped the situation.

Of course, no one would expect him to step down or resign for the good of the country. Because that is not his game. It is about him.

However, it might restore some confidence if we had a different leader, even if it was Mike Pence?

Ignorance and incompetence are a dangerous combination. They can kill us all.

March 16, 2020

The economy is tanking quickly.

It's not just the stock market. It's like the entire country has shut down. The faucet has been turned off. It seems there is nothing they can do to get it jump-started?

It is probably safe to say that we are already in a "recession".

There should be no great expectations until we are out of this corona mess.

Just bite the bullet and help our neighbors.

Someday soon, everything will be much better.

March 16, 2020

Monday, Monday

March 16, 2020

The Dangerous Disinformation of FOX NEws and Talk Radio.

It's childish. It's irresponsible. It's dangerous.

Their applause lines come from snarky comments about the liberals and the Democrats, usually in defense of the leader of the pack, Donald Trump.

The latest to be placed on hiatus is the FOX Business News reporter, Trish Regan and the FOX News commentator, Kennedy, for saying that the coronavirus pandemic was nothing more than another attempt to tear down Donald Trump.

There has been no line which these people will not cross. Their political hatred knows no bounds. They behave like a bunch of spoiled first-graders.

Evidently, FOX News has drawn a line. They cannot continue to act so irresponsibly when people's lives are at stake. Everything is not "fake news". They are going to have to report more responsibly in the future or they will find themselves without a job.

This must be very tough for them? They have never had to accept responsibility for anything they have said in the past. In that regard, they are just like their president.

Nobody has yet drawn a line for talk radio. Rush Limbaugh continues to call the coronavirus nothing more than a "cold". But America has grown to expect that from the "Doctor of Democracy", with half his brain tied behind his back, and the other half stuck up his ass.

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