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Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

A few things we have learned in the last three years.

Donald Trump is a liar.

He cannot be trusted.

He does everything in his own self-interest.

He cares for no one but himself.

He worships money.

If you criticize him, you are his enemy.

He tries to hide his money, his business, and his friends from public view.

So when he says he thinks he has a drug that will help or cure the coronavirus, it would be wise to take it with a grain of salt.

Trust Trump?

If Doctor Trump says it's time to open everything back up and go back to work, what could possibly go wrong?

All the employers will give their employees, free of charge, the new malaria pill, HCQ, to protect them from the virus.

Would he lie?

Hey! Life's a gamble, right?

Would Trump try to make money off a drug stock during a pandemic?

That does appear to be the case.

It goes back to the time Novartis, the maker of the anti-malarial drug, paid Michael Cohen $1.2 million for access to the White House.

We don't know any further details about that deal.

But today, Donald Trump was promoting their drug, hydroxychloroquine, as the new cure-all for the coronavirus. Dr Fauci and other experts say any evidence of its impact on the virus is purely anecdotal. It was noteworthy that Trump did not want Dr Fauci at the briefing today as he was giving his sales pitch for the drug.

But today was not the first day that he has pitched the anti-malarial drug. He has been promoting it for the last 3-4 weeks continuously.

It is a low-life S.O.B. that would try to make money off a pandemic that is killing our people.

This epidemic shows what the truly important jobs are in this country.

Where would we be if there were no truck drivers? Where would we be without farmers? Where would we be without nurses and doctors?

Of course, we are an interdependent society and there are many jobs that keep the supply lines moving. In normal times, perhaps these folks are not appreciated enough?

We have discovered that we do not have to have the millionaires that play sports in order to survive. The money they make is not necessary for the survival of our people. Yes, they have value for entertainment purposes during normal times. But these are not normal times.

Perhaps a lesson we may learn is that a person's value cannot be solely judged on the amount of money they may make?

Why do the networks continue to broadcast the lies and filth?

Why not just ignore it?

What value is it. None. It does nothing but harm our people and our country.

Broadcast the information that the people need to survive, not the propaganda to promote the next election.

Shut it down.

There is no rule or requirement that you must be there to report every utterance of an idiot and a psychopath.

Move the cameras out.

Lungs (Townes Van Zandt)

What is the definition of a "Church"?

I am thinking of the preacher down in Louisiana that is trying to get 1800 people from 50 mile radius to come to his church today.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (Matthew 18:20)

The truth is under heavy assault.

It no longer seems possible to get the truth from Donald Trump or this White House. Reporters hopelessly attempt to get information at his scheduled briefings and are abruptly turned aside. He interrupts them before their question or during their question, or else he will attack their motives for asking the question. It is impossible to get a straight answer. The lies and deception only seem to grow stronger.

There is no consensus on anything. Is the novel coronavirus a hoax or not? Trump supporters are looking to him for the truth. They get nothing but confusion and they interpret it to their political will.

The nation is stuck in the middle of this purgatory where the truth cannot be uncovered. It is there but it is just beaten down.

Meanwhile, people continue to die. The morgues are full. (They are now using refrigerator trucks) The hospitals and doctors cannot keep up with the sick and dying.

Still, they search for the truth.

Inappropriate, harmful, and dangerous.

The CDC made a statement about wearing masks. They thought it would help prevent the spread of this virus. They recommended that people wear masks in public.

Donald Trump made a point to everyone that it was only a suggestion and that it was an individual choice. He said he personally was not going to wear one but it was an individual choice.

Why would he say that? He is supposed to be the President of the United States. Why would he encourage people to follow his example when the CDC thinks it would help in controlling the spread of this terrible virus?

If he does not plan on wearing a mask, then let him. But don't encourage others to follow the lead of their hero. That is reckless and dangerous.
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