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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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We don't understand the "code".

Michael Cohen told us about how Trump spoke in code. "His" people (Trumpers) understand when he is talking in code.

That is why they heard something different when he talked about injecting light and disinfectant into patients bodies. That is why they heard something different when he spoke of "liberating" MI, MN, and VA. They heard that it was time to hit the streets and protest. And they did.

They hear what they want to hear because they feel like they have always been a persecuted minority until Trump came along. He makes them feel good. He makes them feel like they are the majority in this country. They hear dog whistles that the average person cannot hear.

Realistically, how long can the country and the economy stay closed?

Before it collapses like a Third World coup?

How long before the people become impatient and commit mutiny against the government?

Or what is left of the government?

What percentage of people need to be tested? Is 100% totally unrealistic? Should employees that return to work be the first to be tested? They need a plan.

I do not think the status quo can hold much longer?

Has the Republican Party become a death cult?

Facts and circumstance might suggest that to be the case.

People are dying and they are still obsessed with politics. They believe the media and the Democrats are out to get Donald Trump. They are ready to defend him to the death.

It doesn't seem to matter what he says or what he does? They can rationalize away ingesting disinfectant. They can rationalize away mass graveyards. They can rationalize away refrigerated trucks full of dead bodies.

They would not change their minds if the 50,000 dead became 1,000,000 dead. Trump is their Alamo. They are a cult that must be defeated. Their is no communication that gets through to them.

Left to their own devices, they would kill us all.

What should be the guideline for when a state should open up its economy?

When there are zero cases of the virus in their state?

Or a time period, perhaps two weeks, after the last case appears?

Or when the cases are down to single digits?

That seems to be the question?

Almost everyone would like to see the country open up. They would like to go to the movies, or to a restaurant, or shopping, or numerous other activities. They are impatient.

Also, there are a percentage of people that live paycheck to paycheck. How are they supposed to survive? Their job is essential to them. They cannot continue to stay at home.

What do we do about those folks?

Nobody wants to die in a pandemic.

Drinkin' Wine Spo-De-Oo-De

If this is worse than the Great Depression...?

Then, how bad is it?

I heard a couple of financial reporters say that it was worse than the Great Depression, when talking about the huge number of unemployed.

Do they expect all these folks to return to their jobs? We hope that is the case.

However, if they don't, what then?

I think the Democratic Socialists may have to come up with some creative solutions.

Where does the money come from to give to everyone?

Rich or poor, Big Business or little guy, everybody gets a gift of cash.

Trillions of dollars just magically appear and everyone gets their wheelbarrows full of money.

No questions asked, No answers given.

I suppose we could go back on the gold standard? It could be valued at $1 million per ounce.

Who said money doesn't grow on trees?

Who knew that it would cost so much to bail out our failing capitalist system?

"What did you do in the Great Plague, Daddy?"

"Well, Child...it was a scary time...People were afraid to breathe the air. Everybody wore masks and washed their hands all the time."

"Why did they do that, Daddy?"

"Well, Child, there was a bug that nobody could see that got released upon the world. It was like the Grim Reaper that could pop up anytime and kill someone you loved."

"What did the President do to help the people, Daddy?"

"Well, he didn't help the people very much. He did more harm than good. He mostly tweeted on his twitter machine and called people names."

"Why didn't they fire him, Daddy?"

"Well, Child, people were too busy buying toilet paper and playing politics. He was very good at dividing people into different sides."

"When did it end, Daddy?"

"Well, Child, it was like a miracle. After people voted him out of office that November in 2020, and the weather warmed up that spring, in April, it just disappeared. People finally realized that the real plague was in the White House. You are lucky, my Dear. You will never have to experience what your Daddy did when he was a little boy..."

Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave

Pony Boy

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