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The Flying Burrito Bros.

In my opinion, most of the Governors will be competent and responsible in opening the economy.

The will not follow the Pied Piper of Politics. They will open up their states when they think it is the right time. They will not be stampeded by veiled threats of "Liberate" from the White House. They understand that Donald Trump will put his political fortunes over the lives of the American people.

Also, they understand that they need to open the economy up as soon as possible but they are required to do it in such a way that a second wave of this epidemic is not created.

Some of the Governors will likely follow Trump's wishes and some people will likely die because of it. They gamble with people's lives the way some people gamble with other people's money.

Daddy's Wildwood Flower

Donald Trump has declared war on the media, on Democrats, on Governors, on China...

...and anyone else he can use as a distraction for his own failures.

The sad part is that his cult eats it up. The more divisive he is, the more they like it.

Do you fight fire with fire or do you take the "high" road?

He talked about Democrats as if every Democrat in this country was a criminal and was automatically wrong if they disagreed with him.

I know a lot of Democrats that have hesitated about getting down in the mud with this clown. They try to ignore him and his followers. They believe the American people can see thru it.

The next election is starting to look like a re-run of the 2016 election. Free TV time and propaganda and lies thru the social media platforms.

I don't know that any Democrat can keep up the constant 24-hour per day attacks?

I do believe that the Democrats need to get much more aggressive against this type of politics but, there should be no illusions but that he would whine about "dirty politics" if they hit him too hard. It's a Catch-22.

Given enough time, and it appears he will get it, this whole tragic story with coronavirus with be the fault of the Democrats and the American people are lucky to have Donald Trump to save them from the disaster that could have been.

I think Democrats should start hitting him on social media, especially Facebook, with guerrilla tactics. Sign on to the Democratic Socialist FB page and they have a ton of ammunition to use. Every third or fourth post, put one of their hard-hitting attacks on Facebook or Twitter. But make it like a hit and run. Don't hang around for comments or get into discussions. Be a Facebook guerrilla. It will take a lot to catch up to their Facebook campaign.

Just my opinion.

Whenever Trump starts talking about stock market, his record economy, or Obama, or Democrats...

The networks should immediately cut away. There is no doubt but that he is going to spout political propaganda. They should not let him ramble on like he does. He is using them for free advertising and lying about it in the process.

The media needs to get their sh*t together.

Number of New U.S. Infections Per Day

Is it a mistake to think that if the virus disappears from New York...

It will simultaneously disappear everywhere else?

If discretion is the better part of valor, would it not be wiser to retreat on this virus until more information is known?

It's not about fighting for freedom - it's about stupidity?

Just because the number of cases have gone down in NY does not mean that another hot spot will not pop up somewhere else.

Not only are these protests unwise and reckless at this time, they are a threat to the friends and families of these protestors.

Waving Nazi and Confederate flags and yelling at the Governors is not patriotic. Very unwise.

Trump is responsible for the different state protests.

At the very least, he could stop them by just saying the word. But he encourages them,

If they begin to die from their actions, they should place the blame where it belongs - with themselves.

Because Donald Trump does not accept blame. He said he was responsible for nothing at all.

He is stirring up some delicious grape kool-aid for them.

Letter to Mitch McConnell:

What would you say?

Trump's Civil War analogy?

He likes to quote the 600,000 deaths from the Civil War, as a way to minimize the present deaths from the CV-19. It's a rhetorical trick he possesses.

However, it might be more appropriate to compare it to the Vietnam War. People remember how that scarred our nation. There were 58,220 deaths in that one.

It was a tragedy.

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