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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
May 3, 2020

Does Trump want to open the economy or does he want to keep it closed?

Does anyone know for sure? Do we have to wait to see which way the wind blows?

He said nothing about the armed rebellion entering the legislative building with automatic weapons, locked and loaded, as the Michigan legislature chose to wear bullet-proof Kevlar for protection. Something is not right with that picture.

Although he was the one that declared coronavirus a national emergency, he now seems to want to support those marching to open the government? It is difficult to interpret.

There is not enough leadership from this White House to even analyze. It is below zero.

As usual, we are faced with two choices, from two different directions? Either have an election or have an armed rebellion? Is that what the people in Michigan are saying?

We simply have no leadership in this time of crisis.

May 2, 2020

Give Me Love

May 2, 2020

If vaccine for the virus is developed in the next two or three months, will you take it?

Or will you take your chances out there in the wild world?

If they rush it, there will most likely not be adequate testing? They will not fully understand the side effects?

And it may be similar to a placebo, just to ease the mind of the public?

Personally, it will be hard for me to trust anything coming from this Administration.

They have torn down whatever trust was there.

May 2, 2020

30,000,000 unemployment claims in 6 weeks !

Is it even possible to get this many people back to work under present conditions, even if the entire country is opened up?

This looks like a disaster staring us in the face.

There is no way the government will pay for this many unemployment claims. They will advise companies to call their people back, and if the employees refuse to return, they will be fired and turned down for unemployment insurance.

Whatever they do, it will not be in the interest of the unemployed worker. You can bet on that.

Workers should counter that they should all be tested before returning to work and they and their families should have guaranteed healthcare coverage, including for the corona virus.

May 2, 2020

"Trump America" is the America that some people want?

Well, they can have it.

I want no part of it.

Count me out.

If that is all they have, it is a shit-hole country.

May 2, 2020

The division is tearing our country apart.

If ever in our history, one might think this is one of the most important times to come together. To unite to defeat the deadly virus.

We need leaders that can unite the country at this time. We don't need a bunch of narcissists and greedy politicians that intentionally seek to divide the country. "Divide and conquer" is their motto.

Divided we will surely fall. It is becoming more and more evident.

May 1, 2020

Get real!

The media is trying way too hard to prove a sexual assault allegation on Joe Biden from 27 years ago. They should be ashamed to even bring it up.

I guess they just gave up on the 17 sexual allegations against Donald J Trump? It was just too tough for them to investigate.

Yes, but 17 wrongs do not make 1 right, seems to be their argument?

They should crawl in a hole and hide.

Even if it was true, it would be inappropriate to investigate at this time in the manner they are doing it. They act as if it is a buffet of some sort. Oh, that one is too hard. Let's investigate this one from 27 years ago and let the others slide. We'll pick the low-hanging fruit.

No, if you can't do your job and get to the bottom of the allegations against Donald Trump, get off Joe Biden's back. You are embarrassing yourselves.

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