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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
May 22, 2020

When everything is analyzed and laid on the table...

When everyone is blaming Donald Trump for the condition of this country, they are looking under the wrong rock, in my opinion.

The problem is with the US Senate, most specifically, Mitch McConnell. Chuck Schumer is unable to communicate with him on anything. Mitch McConnell has let this country deteriorate to the point of total disillusionment.

Our problem sits in the US Senate. It could have been very easy to use a little oversight of the Executive Branch but McConnell gave him a free ride. Of all people that should never be given a free ride to do whatever he wants, it is Donald Trump.

To understand our problem, we need to look at the source, in my opinion.

May 21, 2020

Power To The People

May 21, 2020

Long Black Veil

May 21, 2020

Does Joe Scarborough get "under the skin" of Donald Trump?

Seldom do I ever watch a full episode of Joe and Mika and Gang, but I do enjoy watching the intro to his show. He is always exposing Donald Trump. "I know you are watching, Donald", he has said.

Does Trump really watch Joe and Mika? (Well, he did attack them on Twitter yesterday.) Does he really switch off his favorite FOX Morning show to see what Joe Scarborough is saying about him?

Is he focused? Or is he distracted?

I usually switch over to John and Alysin after Joe's initial attack. They talk about other things that are happening in the world. They have been more thorough on coronavirus reporting, in my opinion.

But, it is interesting to watch the daily expose. Scarborough usually has video to back up his arguments against Trump.

Is this a real feud? Is Trump incapable of ignoring this type of reporting from Scarborough? Or is it that he likes to dish it out, but he can't take it? He calls everyone names. But, he cannot handle the least bit of criticism or negative reporting. He obsesses about it.

America. What a country!

May 20, 2020

When other countries look at U.S., do they see a democracy or a dictatorship?

Many countries of the world have a lot of respect for the World Health Organization (WHO). They see them as promoting better health for people around the world. They are knowledgeable.

When Donald Trump says he is going to withdraw us from the World Health Organization, it is an affront to all the people of America. Is this what America really wants?

Yet, the Republican Party is silent...

Mitch McConnell and his Republican cohorts are waiting for the next election to be over. They hope to escape with the minimal of damage.

And people question whether America is still a democracy?

With no response from our Senators and Congressmen, many may conclude that we are now a dictatorship.

Which side are we on?

May 20, 2020

A big job ahead for Biden and Democrats to put together a team that can repair this country.

With all the talk about who Joe Biden is going to pick as his VP, there are other important positions that will also need to be filled.

First of all, law and order will need to be restored. The corruption within our government, from US Senators to Wall Street, is rampant. We will need someone with the knowledge and the courage to attack white collar criminals. We will need an Attorney General of the caliber of Andrew Cuomo or Kamala Harris.

The Secretary of the Treasury will need someone that understands how the markets work and how Big Business manipulates and uses information from the American people in monopolistic ways. We need someone with the knowledge of an Elizabeth Warren or a Katie Porter.

The Secretary of Defense will need to re-evaluate the questionable relationships created by the present Administration and what the real threats to our nation are at this time? We will need someone with geopolitical knowledge of the world, as well as the military needs of our country. It could be a General, or someone else with expertise to run the Defense Department. It would need to be someone of the caliber of a John Kerry.

The Secretary of State will need to be someone that can rebuild our relationships around the world, after the demolishment of our foreign policy by Trump and Pompeo and the Republicans. It would need a person with intricate details and knowledge of our allies and enemies. It could use someone of the caliber of a Susan Rice.

There will be many important positions to fill and Democrats should be contemplating how they are going to put this country back together. There is a good chance that they will inherit an economy that looks like a Depression. Many people may need assistance with jobs and with food and housing. We will need dedicated and aggressive public servants to tackle these severe problems ahead.

The VP choice is important but it is not the only important position. There are many others. The most important position in 2021 will be the person sitting in the White House.

May 19, 2020

Michael Flynn asks appeals court to intervene against judge halting DOJ dismissal


The lawyers for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn asked an appeals court on Tuesday to intervene against the lower court judge who delayed the Justice Department’s effort to dismiss its criminal case against the former Trump national security adviser.

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor who took over representation for Flynn last summer, filed a 44-page emergency petition for a writ of mandamus and a 93-page appendix, asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to overturn Judge Emmet Sullivan’s efforts to halt the DOJ motion to dismiss and remove the judge from the case entirely.

“This petition seeks an order directing the district court to grant the Justice Department’s Motion to Dismiss its criminal case against former National Security Advisor to President Trump, Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (Ret.),” Flynn's lawyers said. “The Government moved to dismiss the Information charging a violation of 18 U.S.C. §1001 after an internal review by United States Attorney Jeffrey Jensen unearthed stunning evidence of government misconduct and General Flynn’s innocence.”

“Petitioner respectfully requests that this Court order the district court immediately to (1) grant the Justice Department’s Motion to Dismiss; (2) vacate its order appointing amicus curiae; and (3) reassign the case to another district judge as to any further proceedings," the filing read.
May 19, 2020

Lady Jane

May 19, 2020

Republicans are hoping that Americans are not paying attention.

Mitch McConnell, they see you.

They are hoping that their base is listening to Donald Trump, but not too closely.

The corruption is hard not to notice, whatever your IQ might be?

Republicans would rather stay back in the shadows and not take a stand on anything. They see no need for oversight, especially while the criminals are in busy season.

Republicans in Washington believe that the Republicans in the heartland are stupid, or at the very least, extremely naive.

I believe the American people are paying attention.

And I believe the Republicans will pay a price for their incompetence and reckless governance of our country. It is shameful. It is a disgrace.

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