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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Republicans' self-delusion about the fake "populist"

Although Donald Trump expresses "populist" ideas to his followers, he doesn't do it to further some social political agenda. He excites and entertains his supporters, only to further his own personal agenda. He has no big political ideas. It is all about him.

The "self-delusion" of Republicans is in their acceptance of his "populist" message. He's like a showman to them. He is a reality-TV star. They do not see the person behind the persona.

They do not see the salesman. They do not see the PR con man. They do not see someone willing to break the law. They do not see the liar.

They do not see the autocrat. They do not see the criminal. They do not see a person that uses people and discards them when they are of no more use to him.

Will the self-delusion ever cease?


Republicans cannot be trusted.

Have you any doubts?

After what they have put the American people thru, they should be rolled up and discarded as a political Party.

They have been complicit with Donald Trump every inch of the way. It is not naivete or stupidity. They know exactly what they are doing.

They don't care about our democracy or our country. They don't care about our people. They care about power. That is all.

Knowing what they are willing to disregard, illegal or immoral or otherwise, they do not deserve the trust of the American people.

Spanish Caravan


Steel Guitar Rag (Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys)

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

The 40,000 COVID-19 cases (in one day) are a marker.

The last time we were at that level was at the very end of April, about the same time as we passed the 58,000 deaths mark, which seemed significant at the time?

But how can we know if we are improving or getting worse? There needs to be more testing. That is what knowledgeable people are saying.

Of course, Trump says that they are testing more so they can get more cases. It's always been like a conspiracy somewhere in his mind? Someone is conspiring to make him look bad?

We need to hear from the experts.

Coal Miner's Blues

What's best for Donald Trump is not what's best for America.

John Bolton talked about it in his book. His belief was that Trump could not distinguish between what was best for himself from what was best for our country?

After the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, voted for sanctions on Russia for interfering in our elections, Donald Trump was negotiating with the Russians to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Obviously the two acts are in conflict.

But Trump did it over and over. He made a deal with Erdogan to withdraw Americans from part of Syria so the Turkey military could invade and drive out the Kurds that had put their lives on the line for our country. That didn't matter. Trump was looking at what was best for him. It's a dangerous and reckless position to assume.

The same with North Korea. He wanted a deal with Kim Jung Un, for whatever reason? Perhaps it had something to do with his deals with China? Trump agreed to cease military maneuvers with the South Korean military and got nothing in return.

It was his attempt to get the Ukrainians to investigate Clinton and Biden for his political benefit that got him impeached. He was making under-handed deals with the Saudis at the same time, not for the benefit of America, but for the benefit of Donald Trump.

If there was ever a President that needed to be removed, it is this one.
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