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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Why don't we do it in the road?

If a nation cares more about money than human lives...

...they will lose more human lives.

It is talk of insanity.

Disrespect for the lives of people, old or young, will not go unpunished. History shows us examples from WWI and the loss of millions of lives.

This sort of discussion should not be tolerated in our leaders.

Just my opinion.

Once the agreement is made, Trump will attempt to change it..

... to benefit himself and his family and friends.

He will create some sort of dispute after it is passed.

He will create his own loophole.

He cannot be trusted around that much money.

Lost Highway

Remember when they went around the table and the entire Cabinet had to praise him?

That is why Barr is there today.

He is bringing someone different out every day, to voice their loyalty to Dear Leader.

That's what it's about.

Who will he bring tomorrow?

KellyAnne Conway?

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

Republicans want to rob the Treasury before the election...

....because they expect to lose the next election.

They cannot afford to waste a good crisis. They played this game once before in 2008-09 and took the homes of millions of Americans as banks hoarded the bailout money.

So, why shouldn't it work again for them?

They are desperate. They want their trillion dollars and they want it now. They don't want any restrictions. They are blaming the Democrats of "playing politics".

Let us hope that the Democrats hold their feet to the fire.

I am not a Doctor but I play one on DU...

Why does the virus affect people in such varying degrees?

Some people get a little sick (a touch of the flu) and some people get deathly ill and die? Why is that? Is it their individual immune systems or is it something else?

It seems to be most deadly when it gets into people's lungs. It destroys their ability to breathe.

Is it possible that it can get into the body from at least two places, thru the nose and thru the mouth?

If it is on food or is digested internally in some way, it would maybe have a different effect than if breathed directly into the lungs?

To repeat, I am no Doctor, but just a thought.

Something fishy about all these Republicans "quarantining" themselves?

They did not care for the big bank giveaway in 2008-2009 and they do not want to vote for this big mess either.

What better way to dismiss yourself from the floor of the Senate than to declare that you were with someone that tested "positive" and you need to quarantine yourself for a few days?

Not only does that take away a majority vote, it takes away the majority from the Republican Party.

Donald Trump made some sort of snide remark today when informed that Mitt Romney had "quarantined" himself? He's a real fart smeller...uh... I mean a real smart feller...

But there seems to be something going on within the Republican Party? They are not marching in step the way they are supposed to.

Do you really think Rand Paul tested "positive" for the coronavirus?

It's time!

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