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What are the Democrats waiting for?

Why don't they just go ahead and officially declare an impeachment process started? Would that not give them the witnesses and documents they need to conduct meaningful oversight?

Or would it be better to go thru with the requests, subpoenas, and court summons, to exhaust all options, before going to impeachment?

Once it goes to the courts, should the Democrats push for expedited movement and decisions? They would be justified in doing so, in my opinion.

But, as soon as they go to court, they should start the impeachment proceedings.

No President would ever want to be impeached.

It would not be normal.

Yet, we are warned to not fall into the Trump Republican trap, to not impeach because it would be good for Trump Republicans and bad for Democrats?

Which do you believe?

This Land is Your Land

Two factors affecting Trump's "great" economy

First, it is the huge number of Baby-boomers that are retiring. Almost 10,000 per week were retiring at the end of last year. Who is going to replace these workers?

Also, there is much discussion about the wages going up the most in a long time. One factor that might affect this is the numerous states that have increased their minimum wage to $15 per hour. About 40% of American workers were making less than $15 per hour.

A day after Trump was gloating about "total exoneration"....

He was twisting the arm of Don McGahn and trying to get him to say publicly that he did not try to fire Robert Mueller.

Now, he is saying that it was more likely that he would fire McGahn than Mueller?? What a bull shitter!!

He can no longer keep up with his own lies.

It's a matter of time and patience.

At some time, Former White House Counsel Don McGahn is going to testify before the Congress. When he does, it will breathe new life into the Russia investigation, and put to rest Mitch McConnell's idea that the "case is closed".

The scofflaw in the White House will be brought to justice. He will answer for his crimes against the people of this country. Without the law behind them, his supporters will have very little credibility.

In time, he will be impeached. Whether or not he is convicted will be up to the spineless Republicans in the Senate of the United States. At present, they are clinging desperately to their positions of power, at the expense of our Constitution and the rule of law.

The people of this country may have to wait until November of 2020, but they will have their justice. The scofflaw and his Party will be tossed out of power, along with their disgraceful lack of respect for our laws and our history.

Will Donald Trump be successful in stacking the Courts to rule in his favor?

He seems to think so? He believes he owns the Supreme Court.

He believes they are as partisan as everyone else in his political world. In the end, they will make their decisions on what is best for Donald Trump and the Republicans. Do you agree with that?

Or will the majority of judges follow the Constitution, since they have lifetime appointments? We like to think our Judicial system will be more independent than the US Senate.

But, will they?

Shelter from the Storm

Just like the collusion with the Russians and the obstruction of the investigation afterwards...

...the cover-up is now in the open, also. They don't hide it. They are putting a blanket over everything. No more information is forthcoming from this White House. They are willing to argue that the people will accept their cover-up over the Congress' right to oversight and exposure of the facts. They are unashamedly lawless.

Make no mistake, it is a cover-up. And the White House is being assisted by the Republicans in the US Senate. They do not want the people to know the truth. They are very fearful of the facts that might be uncovered.

But, as with most criminal endeavors, it is the cover-up of the crime that usually leads to the scene of the crime. So it will be with this White House.

The fake helicopter "news conferences"..

Sarah Sanders stopped with the traditional White House news conferences some time ago. They were mostly a litany of lies and not very useful, but the reporters got to ask her questions. They never got any straight answers but the questions were asked.

Now, Mr Trump stops on his way to his helicopter, with the reporters bent down behind a rope line, and answers "some" questions. But, he only answers the ones that are about his talking points for the day. On occasion, a reporter might shout out a question that cannot be ignored, and be blamed for being "very rude", as did one MSNBC reporter did last week. But, she was able to get the information that Mr Trump never spoke to Mr Putin about election interference in an hour and a half phone call. That was newsworthy.

Otherwise, the helicopter blades are whirring and Mr Trump ignores all the questions he doesn't want to talk about.

This is no way for the American people to get their news. The reporters are being manipulated.
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