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The fake helicopter "news conferences"..

Sarah Sanders stopped with the traditional White House news conferences some time ago. They were mostly a litany of lies and not very useful, but the reporters got to ask her questions. They never got any straight answers but the questions were asked.

Now, Mr Trump stops on his way to his helicopter, with the reporters bent down behind a rope line, and answers "some" questions. But, he only answers the ones that are about his talking points for the day. On occasion, a reporter might shout out a question that cannot be ignored, and be blamed for being "very rude", as did one MSNBC reporter did last week. But, she was able to get the information that Mr Trump never spoke to Mr Putin about election interference in an hour and a half phone call. That was newsworthy.

Otherwise, the helicopter blades are whirring and Mr Trump ignores all the questions he doesn't want to talk about.

This is no way for the American people to get their news. The reporters are being manipulated.

After the Mueller Report was made public, what did AG advise Trump to do?

In a late-breaking story, just in the last month or so, the White House has been pushing Don McGahn to come out publicly and say that Mr Trump never obstructed justice. What part did Mr Barr play in this endeavor?

Mr McGahn refused to go along. This probably did not play very well at the White House.

But this has all happened since Mr Barr came out and said there was no collusion and no obstruction. Mr Trump was quick to tell everyone that he was totally exonerated. What happened?

Out of the sight of the cameras and microphones, he was trying to get Mr McGahn to state publicly that Mr Trump did not obstruct. Did Mr Barr assist in this effort ? Why would Mr Trump or Mr Barr feel the necessity to have a statement from Mr McGahn, after the new AG just "exonerated" him?

Vol. II, Page 86 and 87. Mueller Report

When the President called McGahn a second time to follow up on the order to call the Department of Justice, McGahn recalled that the President was more direct, saying something like, "Call Rod, tell Rod that Mueller has conflicts and can't be the Special Counsel."581 McGahn recalled the President telling him "Mueller has to go" and "Call me back when you do it."582 McGahn understood the President to be saying that the Special Counsel had to be removed by Rosenstein.583 To end the conversation with the President, McGahn left the President with the impression that McGahn would call Rosenstein.584 McGahn recalled that he had already said no to the President's request and he was worn down, so he just wanted to get off the phone.585 McGahn recalled feeling trapped because he did not plan to follow the President's directive but did not know what he would say the next time the President called.586 McGahn decided he had to resign.587 He called his personal lawyer and then called his chief of staff, Annie Donaldson, to inform her of his decision.588 He then drove to the office to pack his belongings and submit his resignation letter.589 Donaldson recalled that McGahn told her the President had called and demanded he contact the Department of Justice and that the President wanted him to do something that McGahn did not want to do.590 McGahn told Donaldson that the President had called at least twice and in one of the calls asked "have you done it?"591 McGahn did not tell Donaldson the specifics of the President's request because he was consciously trying not to involve her in the investigation, but Donaldson inferred that the President's directive was related to the Russia investigation.592 Donaldson prepared to resign along with McGahn.593 That evening, McGahn called both Priebus and Bannon and told them that he intended to resign.594 McGahn recalled that, after speaking with his attorney and given the nature of the President' s request, he decided not to share details of the President's request with other White House staff.595 Priebus recalled that McGahn said that the President had asked him to " do crazy shit," but he thought McGahn did not tell him the specifics of the President' s request because McGahn was trying to protect Priebus from what he did not need to know.596 Priebus and Bannon both urged McGahn not to quit, and McGahn ultimately returned to work that Monday and remained in his position.597 He had not told the President directly that he planned to resign, and when they next saw each other the President did not ask McGahn whether he had followed through with calling Rosenstein.598 Around the same time, Chris Christie recalled a telephone_call with the President in which the President asked what Christie thought about the President firing the Special Counsel.599 Christie advised against doing so because there was no substantive basis for the President to fire the Special Counsel, and because the President would lose support from Republicans in Congress 600 if he did so.

Comey still believes that Trump may be compromised by the Russians?


Trump says it will be up to AG Barr whether or not Mueller testifies before Congress...

...and then went on to tear down Mueller.

In my opinion, he is sending the message that Mueller is going to testify.

But, in the meantime, he will work to persuade his base that they should believe nothing that Mueller says.

"No collusion, no obstruction, after two years of the witch hunt".

He is a master manipulator.

Full speed ahead: Destination Dictatorship

It is moving much faster than many of us realize or wish to admit.

It has been on the road to dictatorship since the day Trump won the Republican nomination for President. He has fired or got rid of everyone that presented a threat to his ultimate aim.

It has now progressed to the point where he has taken over the Republican Party, including the US Senate, and much of our court system and now has made the move to consolidate his gains.

With little or no dissent from the Republicans, he made the shocking declaration that he would disregard all subpoenas from the Congress of the United States and would order all staff and former staff to do the same.

Today we read that he has taken the credentials away from most all of the White House press reporters. Like all dictatorships, at some time or other, they move to destroy a free press.

We may be moving much quicker than any of us realize?

A Stark Realization

We are in a political war with the Trump Party, formerly known as the Republican Party. They are a threat to our democracy and a national security threat, also. They are using lies and confusion as a political weapon.

At some point, we must realize that there is no compromise within the cards. It is about power and using all the weapons in your arsenal. The threat is very real.

Democrats are on their own. They can expect no assistance from the present Republican Party. We are in this battle alone.

But it is a battle that must be fought. We must stand on our principles and put political calculations in the back seat.

It is a tough realization to come to. These people are acting as an enemy of our government, led by their President, Donald J Trump. They mean to do harm to our democracy and our people. We cannot stand for that.

We must expend all options, including the Supreme Court, and including the impeachment process. The people must understand that we are fighting for them.

In the end, we will hope they will reward the Democratic Party at the polls. But that cannot be the primary motivation in this battle for the soul of America.

Hiding behind a lie.

Donald Trump hired William Barr to "land the plane". In other words, to stop the Mueller investigation.

Like a good soldier, Barr did just that.

Then, he gave his conclusions. After waiting for 3 or 4 weeks, he made public a redacted version of the Mueller Report.

His conclusions were not true and not accurate. But the damage had already been done. Those that supported Donald Trump were totally convinced by Bill Barr's summation. That was all they needed.

Donald Trump needed more.

He ordered that the full Mueller Report be withheld from the Congress. Furthermore, he ordered all his staff and former staff to not cooperate with any subpoenas or requests from the Congress. It was over. He had been totally exonerated. Mitch McConnell was marched out to the Senate floor to announce that the "case was closed". It was time to bury this "witch hunt".

But, the Democrats in Congress and many Americans did not think it was over. It looked like a cover-up. The House Judiciary Committee charged AG Barr with contempt of Congress when he refused to turn over the full Mueller Report.

Donald Trump continued to hide behind AG Barr's lies about the Mueller Report and declared himself not an equal branch of government, but superior to the other two branches. He stated that he would not cooperate with any requests from the Congress. It was an unprecedented action from a president.

As Donald Trump hides behind the lie, in order to cover-up the truth, the country slides into a political, if not constitutional, crisis. The battles lines are being drawn.

Forever Young


Do the right thing.

Democrats and Republicans must put our Country above their Party.

Last night, on the Lawrence O'Donnell program, Professor Lawrence Tribe made a comment about being "too cautious can lead to cowardice and cowardice can lead to betrayal". He was directing his comments to the Democrats in Congress. He was basically saying that they should do what the Constitution requires them to do.

However, he did say that there was a process that they need to go thru. They need the hearings and the documents, in order to do their jobs.

The Republicans crave power more than anything, except maybe money? They usually see the two as intertwined. They are not just supporters of Donald Trump. They are accomplices and complicit in his crimes, whether it be obstruction or perjury. In no way can we accept the degree of corruptness now worming its way thru the once-great political Party.

It is always easier to see the speck in our neighbor's eye than the log in our own.

We can clearly see the disqualifying crimes and transgressions of the Republican Party. But to look at ourselves can be a little more difficult.

But, I think we should heed the words of Lawrence Tribe. Yes, we should be cautious, but not too cautious, less we become cowards. That would only happen if we believed that winning the next election is more important than following the Constitution and doing the right thing.

I think what Elizabeth Warren did yesterday on the Senate floor was admirable. She gave an impassioned speech in which she said that impeachment proceedings should begin today. I do not know what happened on the Senate floor after she gave her speech? Did any Democrats compliment her or did any Republicans comment on her remarks? Perhaps she should take an hour per day and read the entire report to the distinguished Senators?

She felt it was the right thing to do. She understands there is a process to go thru. It can't be swept under the rug or covered-up, as the eon-long Senator from my home state of Kentucky, seems inclined to do.

If the White House continues to ignore the Legislative Branch of our Government, ignoring subpoenas and declaring executive privilege, in order to keep any witnesses from testifying to Congress, then they are brazenly breaking the laws. They deny Congress the authority granted to them by the Constitution. Yes, they should file contempt charges against AG Barr and Don McGahn, but there is more they can do.

First of all, if the White House continues to stonewall and is successful, then the Congress will have no choice but to take it to the Courts, as I see it. Also, other than contempt charges, they can also levy fines on the individuals. For example, they could fine someone held in contempt, $25,000 per day, as ordered by the Congress of the United States. No one is out of bounds of accountability.

But, if it reaches the point where it goes to Court, then at that time, the Democrats should begin the impeachment process. The impeachment process should last thru the Court's decisions. Then, depending on the judgement of the Courts, the impeachment process would end, or the trial would begin in the Senate.

However, the Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, would not be giving speeches against Mueller and the Democrats only. If the Courts reaffirmed the law, and that is something that not even the leaders of the Senate can escape, then he would have to look at the situation with a different perspective. So that he would not be in dispute of the law, as defined by the Supreme Court. Yes, it is not lost on anyone that the Supreme Court is stacked in the Republican Party's favor.

Should the process go that far, then the next election might be over? Or maybe not? It would be closer to election day.

As Americans, not as Democrats or Republicans, we should strive to do the right thing.

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