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Republicans are attempting to blackmail the Democratic Party.


They are threatening to begin hearings on the FISA Court and to put in jail the guilty parties. They are following the lead of Putin's puppet, Donald Trump. "Lock 'em up!", they yell.

It should not be seen as idle threats. AG Barr has already said that he is looking at the origins of the investigation. He has been egged on by Senators, like Lindsey Graham, to get to the bottom of it. The scary part is that they have the power to do it. There is no reason to believe they would not use that power.

They want the Democrats to drop their investigation and their hearings and accept the Mueller Report as AG Barr interpreted it, and let it go. They are attempting to blackmail the Democrats into no oversight of Donald Trump.

AG Barr had the very uncomfortable moment with Senator Kamala Harris the other day, when she asked if the White House or anyone had asked or suggested that he open an investigation on anyone? He did not answer because he did not want to tell the truth.

It was pretty obvious that there were discussions of investigating the political enemies of Donald Trump. They have their own enemies list. And there is no guarantee they would not use their power to start putting people in jail.

Democrats will not surrender to these blackmail tactics.

That's all Folks!

Thanks to JHB with Weekend Toons!

A question: Did Trump call Putin or did Putin call Trump?

I was under the assumption that Trump called Putin? Is that true?

For what reason would he be calling Putin at this time? No doubt, he wants to believe the Russia investigation and other charges are over. He has stated that "it's over".

It is rather strange that his orbit and that of Vladimir Putin are so close. His interest is in international business and making money, maybe not always on the up and front. After all, he liked doing business with Russia and dealing with the oligarchs.

It has become painfully obvious that Donald Trump is working for Donald Trump, not the United States of America. He doesn't care too much for our traditional allies, he likes his new friends, like North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and China. He prefers the strong dictators over the democratically elected leaders that have been our allies. Someday we may need them again?

It looks like Donald could not wait to tell Vlad the good news? The Russian "hoax" is over, he said. Putin said it started as big as a mountain and ended up giving birth to a mouse. Both agreed there was no collusion.

However, the Mueller Report said something entirely different.

The Last Straw... it's time.

To impeach.

The entire Executive Branch has nothing but contempt for the Congress.

The Congress are the elected Representatives and Senators of the people.

The Congress has the responsibility of oversight. When there is obstruction or abuse of power, or high crimes and misdemeanors, they cannot overlook it. They would be shirking their responsibilities.

They also have the power of the purse, according to our Constitution.

The White House has no right to with hold information requested by the Congress in the act of oversight. They need to see the full Mueller Report. We paid for it and we deserve to see it.

It is contempt for the Congress and our Constitution.

There is no purpose in wasting our time with impeaching Bill Barr. He is just a symptom of the problem. It is time to start the impeachment process against Donald Trump.

Today was the last straw. The Mueller Report is being digested by the American people, who are told over and over that there was "no collusion and no obstruction". Those that read the evidence are shocked at the extent of the corruption.

The question asked by some Democrats is, but will it hurt us in the next election? Sometimes we have to stand up for a principle far beyond politics. This is one of those times. What will the Republicans do?
That is up to them.

It is time to start impeachment proceedings and subpoena the full report and whatever other documents or witnesses that might be needed. If they balk, fast track it to the Supreme Court and get a decision. In my opinion, it is a gamble that must be taken.

Today's phone call was the cherry on top. While the ink is still wet on the Mueller Report, which states that after a two-year investigation and numerous indictments and arrests, there was Russian interference in our election system in a "sweeping and systemic" fashion. Did someone not tell Donald Trump?

Who knows? Perhaps more people will wake up when they see the facts and hear from the witnesses?

It is time to do what the Constitution requires.

Putin's Puppet...

...there is no other nickname needed.

Even today, he does not believe Russia had anything to do with interfering in our elections. He may say it, but he doesn't believe it.

He was feeling so good today that he had to call his best bud, Vlad, to let him know what was going on and to ask what he thought about McGahn testifying ?

He is still colluding and conspiring and lying. Nothing is going to change.

Hillary called him "Putin's Puppet". She was right on.

It's not over...

Do not believe what Trump and Putin say.

We have seen too much to simply pretend it never happened.

Then today, who does Trump call on his phone? Yep! Putin!

It would be a mistake to sweep this huge scandal under the rug, even though you are very tired, and just forget about everything.

It's not over - it may be only beginning?

There was collusion !

Since Barr came out with his little speech that there was no collusion and no obstruction, we have heard Trump say it over and over. It is not surprising if most Americans believe there was no collusion.

There was a lot of collusion. There just was not enough evidence to criminally convict. It is a lie to say there was no collusion.

When, Don Jr, Jared, and Manafort met with the Russians in Trump Tower, hoping to get dirt on Hillary, that was collusion.

When Trump sent Cohen and Sater to Moscow, during the middle of his campaign, to try and make a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, that was collusion.

When Erik Prince met with the Russian in the Seychelles, to discuss a nuclear deal in the Middle East, that was collusion.

When Jared Kushner attempted to create a secret channel for communicating with the Russians, from the Russian Embassy, that was collusion.

There was a shitload of collusion but Mueller did not find the evidence that they criminally conspired. That is a big difference.

But it is a big lie when they say there was no collusion, There were many instances of collusion. To repeat over and over that there was "no collusion" does not make it true.

Why is the labor pool shrinking?

I heard an economist on one of the cable channels say that there were more jobs than people to fill them. He said the unemployment rate was lower because the labor pool had shrunk?

Why would the labor pool be shrinking?

How much can the White House and their propagandists tear down Robert Mueller in the next two weeks?

After all, they were able to bring Hillary Clinton's favorable polls down from over 60% to the point where they were lower than Donald Trump's.

So, we might expect an avalanche of negative stories about Robert Mueller and his investigation up to the point he might testify before Congress. There is no sure bet that he will testify, but they will take no chances.

At this time, the White House and the propagandists are operating at a much quicker pace than the Democrats, in my opinion. But, that is the nature of the beast that we confront.

Democrats cannot defeat this threat alone.

Republicans must wake up and take a stand. Otherwise, the democracy we have known for our entire lives will be changed forever. What will replace it?

Will it be a fascist government, completely controlled by corporate interests? Or will it be a dictatorship with most of the rewards going to the dictator at the top? Or will it be something more Third World and militaristic?

I will admit, that may be a nihilistic view.

But, our system was not meant to operate with only half the population, or less, involved in defending and protecting our values and institutions. Perhaps this is the natural evolution of democracies?

One thing is for certain, it is going to be a very rough road if Republicans remain allied with those presently in power. Their intent is to destroy our democracy. They are a destructive force in our country.

Perhaps it is time for Democrats to begin looking at other options? Also, I will confess, I have no idea what those might be?

I will say that if we can make it thru the next election, we still have a chance to save a remnant of our former government.
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