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Would Barr have broken the OLC guideline if he had thought Trump guilty?

The OLC guideline that says a sitting president cannot be indicted?

If so, what would he have done?

Would he have done anything differently from Mr Mueller?

Would he have referred it to Congress?

How is it possible that the DoJ cannot find a president guilty but they can find him innocent? In such an investigation, both choices are part of a process and should be given equal weight, in my opinion.

Why did the Trump team meet with the Russians 140 times ?

Was that unusual ? Would it have raised a red flag with the Intelligence agencies?

Since Mr Trump is an "international businessman", does that mean he gets to skirt the laws of our country? Does his status as a businessman give him
the right to ignore our Constitution?

Why were they so close to the Russians? Why were they looking for secret channels? If they were looking to make business deals, does that make it all right?

Were any FBI agents anti-Hillary and did they send any emails bad-mouthing her?

To listen to Lindsey Graham and the Republicans, the only FBI agents to send embarrassing emails were Page and Stzrok?

If I were a betting man, I would bet that there were several FBI agents that said stuff during the campaign that was biased against Hillary Clinton?

Are we to assume that no FBI agent can be unbiased unless they are pro-Trump?

They are talking out of their asses.

In less than an hour, Lindsey Graham will embarrass himself again...

He has already said that he didn't care what Trump said to McGahn. He didn't do it so it doesn't matter. But, if he had done it, it would have been alright.

He is the most bi-polar Senator I have ever seen. He changes more often than the weather here in Colorado. And to put it kindly, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

He might get the "vapors" once again and go off on some self-righteous rant?

"Mr Barr, did you ever have a discussion with Mr Trump about shutting down Mueller investigation?"

"Did you ever discuss it with Rod Rosenstein?"

"Did the two of you make the decision to shut down the investigation?"

It appears that you came into your job with a mission. It didn't really matter what the Mueller Report might say.

Your job was to "land the plane", with the help of your co-pilot, Mr Rosenstein.

"Did you think you were doing a service to the country by protecting Mr Trump?"

"Can you even imagine the great disservice you have done to our country?"

One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.

Just Like A Woman

Trump's excuse in a few days, or sooner...

..about working with the Democrats on infrastructure.

"Look, I tried working with them but all they want to do is investigate, investigate. I have been fully exonerated - no collusion, no obstruction...

But the Democrats do not want to pass legislation, they want to investigate. I cannot work with them so long as they continue to investigate."

Whata country! What a crook!

The laws were made for the little people, not Donald Trump.

Who are these peons that think they have a right to see his tax returns and his financial records?

Subpoenas are almost as important as a McDonald's menu? He just ignores them. All of them. His business is none of your business and none of your government's business.

It is abuse of power unseen in any recent, or perhaps past, political history.

It is never obstruction of justice, it is "fighting back".

How dare anyone attemot to hold this crook accountable?

Excellent interview with Adam Schiff (front page of Washington Post)



Congressman Schiff tells Costa, Post Reporter, that Erik Prince's case had been sent to the Justice Department for criminal contempt. I thought that very interesting.

Be careful what you wish for...

Donald Trump has always had the capacity for self-destruction. Republicans are hoping and betting that their chosen one can make it thru another year and a half wirhout any major explosion. It is very likely there will be several damaging stories in the next several months, and some may be charges of criminality?

Republicans are likely to be in damage control mode for the rest of Trump's
term. Impeachment could look like a favorable option before the next election. They have chosen to defend him at all costs.

And it could be very costly for them. If his poll ratings go much lower, it could have a major impact in the next election. They could lose several seats in the Senate and a few more in House. If the Democrats take back the Presidency, it is possible that Republicans could find themselves in a long-term minority.
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