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Has anyone visited FOX?

How are they reporting on these recent revelations?

Or are they simply ignoring them?

They were part of the huge conspiracy, in my opinion.

And it does seem like a huge conspiracy to overthrow our democracy and put into place a dictator or autocrat to rule our country.

Criminals are attracted to Donald Trump and vice-versa.

The most ardent and passionate followers of Trump are criminals or criminally-inclined. They are like those that attacked our Capitol on January 6th.

Most of the people that voted for him are not criminals. They only followed the mob.

People like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Bill Barr, Kevin McCarthy, etc, stand with Trump because they are like him. They are peas in a pod.

When given a choice between the good guy and the bad guy, they choose the bad guy every time. Why do they do that? Are they looking for some sort of affirmation?

Merrick Garland's Dilemma

The Attorney-General is an institutionalist. He said he believes in the rule of law. Most folks consider him an honest and decent man.

With the latest revelations of the former president's use of the Justice Department to spy on reporters, and on Democratic Congressmen that were over-seeing his role in the Mueller investigation, Merrick Garland must make a decision.

Does he let the different State authorities continue to investigate and prosecute, and disregard the Federal crimes that may have been committed by Mr Trump? Or does he follow the rule of law?

He truly believes that no man is above the law. Most especially, the President of the United States. He should set the example for the rest of America.

Bribery, extortion, perjury, obstruction of justice, and sedition are still crimes, even if committed from the White House. They have all been investigated thoroughly. He was impeached for two of the offenses already.

If Mr Garland truly believes in the rule of law, he must protect it from those that would abuse it from the highest levels of our government.

Mr. Garlands dilemma is whether or not to prosecute for crimes committed while in the White House. Should those be exempt? Or should they take priority over any crimes that may have happened before and after Mr Trump left the White House. The crimes committed during the four years in the White House cannot and should not be swept under the rug.

They are more important than anything that might have happened in New York before he became the President. The Presidency and the rule of law are at stake.

What kind of investigation should it be?

From listening to out-raged Democrats, it is almost assured that the latest revelations will be investigated. But, by whom?

It is too hot and partisan to be done by a Congressional Committee. It would accomplish very little.

Perhaps they will get the Intelligence IG to investigate it? But how do we know which IG is still in the pocket of Donald Trump?

Perhaps the AG could name a "Special Counsel" but that might interfere with other criminal investigations? Garland would probably not be inclined to do that?

So, what is the best way to get to the bottom of this?

Is nothing "illegal" anymore?

The latest charge against the Trump Administration seems like a gigantic abuse of power? I guess it's too late to impeach him again? Can he be sued? Can AG Barr be held accountable?

It sounds "illegal" but we are told it may be immoral or unethical but there is no criminal penalty? Why is that?

It reminds us of the obvious breaking of the emoluments clause by doing business out of the White House. But it's not "illegal". It's required by the Constitution but it's not "illegal".

Or when he called the president of Ukraine to extort him into planting false stories about Joe Biden, the opponent he was most afraid of in the next election. But that wasn't "illegal". He could not even be convicted in an impeachment trial.

Or when he defended the Prince in Saudi Arabia after he had a Washington Post reporter murdered. We knew he didn't like Jeff Bezos but to assist in the murder of someone close to Bezos seems a tad over the top. But nothing "illegal".

His last act before grudgingly departing the White House was to incite an insurrection at our Capitol and attempt to overturn an election. But, as we all know, there was nothing "illegal".

Everybody's Blues

What is the purpose of newspapers and so-called news media?

What should people expect from them?

This is a time when we need a strong FBI and Justice Department.

That do not feel threatened by politicians.

Trump showed the Republicans what they could get away with and they learned their lessons well. They can get away with just about anything.

After the firing of James Comey, the head of the FBI, they all seemed to hide in their corners? They did not want to be on the receiving end of the wrath of the dictator-wannabe. Justice be damned. They had to protect their positions of power. They did not want to bump heads or create controversy. They might lose their jobs, like Comey did.

The FBI has been so quite that you almost forget the name of the person that is the Director?

Every traitor should be challenged.

How do you know who is a "traitor"?

If they assisted or supported what happened on January 6th, they are a "traitor".

If they voted against certification of the electoral votes, after the attack upon our Capitol, then they are traitors.

If they promoted or were silent on the lies of Donald Trump, especially the "Big Lie", then they have betrayed our country and our democracy. They act as if the only competition to Donald Trump was Tony Soprano. Regardless the state of their delusion, we do not need a crime boss as the leader of our country.

Most people know who they are and will vote accordingly. Democrats should make sure they do not run for re-election unchallenged. They should be exposed for the traitors that they are.

What were (are) the major "grievances" of the insurrectionists ?

There must have been a long list for them to attack our Capitol and to threaten the lives of the Legislature that we, the People, voted into office?

Maybe it was their passion about the "illegal immigration" issue? Perhaps they had bought a huge flag to take to the celebration in Washington, and they did not want to waste an opportunity to show it off? (Like all good fascists that wrap themselves in the American flag, and then tell everyone that they are "anti-fascists" )

What were their grievances?

Were they just "butt-hurt" because they lost an election? Do you really march on your government simply because you lost a fair and honest election? The Democrats did an amazing job, in the middle of a pandemic, in getting out their voters, regardless of what some believed was an impossibility for Trump to lose? Just like he had told them, "The only way he could lose was if the other side cheated"? (Heads I win, tails you lose)

What other grievances did they have? Were they there mostly to show their support for Donald Trump? They believed him when he said "the election was stolen from you"?

For whatever reasons they did it, they did it. I would like to know the honest reason they attacked our Capitol? Is that too much to ask?
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