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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Together Again

I am so sick of the lies and bullshit.

It's incredible how sick I am!

I don't take a salary. If I did, people would be jumping all over me. I work for nothing.

Yeah, I charge a good price to the Secret Service for my hotel rooms and I spend a few hundred million dollars flying back and forth to my golf clubs. but that's one of the perks!

Excuse me... I gotta puke!

Why is Trump so indecisive about using the Defense Production Act?

Does anyone have any idea?

Is he just indecisive? He doesn't want to make a decision because he would have to be responsible for it?

What happened to transparency?

It is very difficult to be optimistic...

....if not impossible.

But, I do believe that we will see great progress against this virus within a couple more months.

I believe they will find a vaccine that will work against this novel coronavirus.

I believe we will be returning to some "normalcy" before the summer is over.

I believe it will change our lives forever, but in some ways, it will be for the better.

I believe we will survive this crisis and be stronger as a people and a community.

A question that a reporter should ask Donald Trump:

"Mr President, in one of your last rallies, you called the coronavirus threat a "hoax" by the Democrats. Many people believed you. Can you look straight into the camera and tell America that it was never a "hoax" and that everyone should take it very seriously and follow the instructions of the healthcare experts that know what they are talking about?"

And please don't call it a "nasty" question.

How many people still believe this Coronavirus is a "hoax"?

Obviously, there are many that are not taking it very seriously.

Do they think it is "fake news"? Do they think it is a Democrat "hoax" to bring down Donald Trump? Why do they think that?

Is it because they have been lied to by the propagandists of the Republican Party? They never believed that Russia interfered in our election in any way. They never believed that the Ukraine scandal was a big deal. It was all a "hoax" created by the Democrats.

Why did they believe that? Because they were brainwashed and propagandized by FOX News and many in the Republican Party.

And now, we will all pay a price for their lies and deceptions. They never took anything seriously if it reflected poorly on Donald Trump or the Republicans. It didn't matter if it was true or not.

Many have now come around to believing that this coronavirus is real and very dangerous. But the damage has been done. There are many ill-informed people that still believe it is all a "hoax".

What will it take to change their minds?

People like to share


Trump supporters on social media are inspired and encouraged by his recent CV pressers.

They were discouraged for a couple of weeks but they are back on the bandwagon, full of piss and vinegar, and patriotism and pride for their leader. It doesn't matter if he is lying to them. They believe he is doing a great job.

The facts don't matter. It doesn't really matter how many people will die in this plague. They have an undying loyalty to their Dear Leader. If a pandemic cannot open their eyes, then what can?

Many liberals do not like to dispute their propaganda with facts, because they do not wish to lose friends or create political turmoil. So, many will simply bite their tongue and say nothing.

However, Trump supporters do not seem to give a rat's ass who they offend or what friends they might lose or what political division they might create. They support Dear Leader.

The easy way out is to simply surrender social media to them. Is that the solution?

One Toke Over the Line

Locomotive Breath

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