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Trump says he kept empty classified folders because they were "cool keepsakes"...


He wanted about 4 dozen of them for "keepsakes"...

But he says he did nothing wrong. Joe did.

Why is he talking about folders with words written on them? Did that just pop into his mind?

Or is he being grilled by the DOJ about what was in those folders?

Interesting that he should bring up empty folders...

Should the documents controversy affect Joe Biden's announcement that he is running again?

The investigation should be over rather quickly, but there is a Republican Special Counsel and we do not know how "partisan" he may be? He may want to drag out the investigation until the next election, for all we know?

What affect would that have on a Biden run if it goes on and on and on?

Of course, for the Biden investigation to continue until the election would probably mean that there was no resolution to the Trump documents scandal.

That would not bode well for the country.

A few things I do not understand about the Biden documents controversy?

He is the Commander-in-Chief, right?

He has a right to classify or de-classify any documents that might be in his possession, it seems to me?

Why did he not look for the documents himself, and then report to the DOJ that he is turning over the documents to the Archives, and that he did not feel the need to de-classify any of the documents at this time?

If he wants, he can ask for those same documents back from the Archives tomorrow, if he is the Commander-in-Chief? Is that not right?

It seems to me that, with the help of a media frenzy, much more was made of this controversy than should have been.

Just my opinion.

The media feeding frenzy exposes themselves as lazy and incompetent.

They are always most comfortable taking directions from Republican politicians, it seems?

With all the evidence from the Trump investigations laid out in front of them, very few had the courage to find the facts and report the truth to the American people. They were happy to play the "both-sides" argument in most instances.

Even when Trump admitted taking the documents, not accidentally, and saying that he de-classified them with some sort of mind-warp, the media could not bring themselves to report the facts of the case.

Just as when he incited an insurrection and tried to over-throw our government, they still felt they had to be "fair" and careful to report "both sides".

But when Republicans begin to spoon feed them stories on Joe Biden, they fall over themselves to report it, factual or not.

In my opinion, most of them are lazy and incompetent.

If Trump stood in front of a courtroom and threatened to sue the Judge...?

Would he be held in contempt?

Isn't his name-calling and threats against the Special Counsel a similar offense? Is it not an obstruction of justice?

How does he keep getting away with this crap?

So they want to search other Biden properties?

But they cannot search Trump Tower or any other Trump properties?

Biden should tell them "not without a search warrant". Of course, Republicans would be screaming for a search warrant.

Then Democrats insist on a search warrant for Trump's golf course and Trump Tower.

That would be fair.

Does the Biden document controversy help or hurt the Republicans?

Naturally, it doesn't help Biden, on its face.

But, Republicans that look to make hay from the discovery of documents at Biden's house have a difficult tale to sell.

Republicans seem to believe that their base and their supporters know none of the details about the Trump documents case, or why the search warrant was given to the DOJ for Mar-a-Lago, or the types of documents that Trump had taken?

They seem to believe that they can make their supporters believe that the Biden case is much worse than the Trump case? Granted, they may have watched nothing but FOX and right -wing news but the Mar-a-Lago details are pretty much in the public domain.

For that reason, in my opinion, the more the Republicans attack Biden on the documents, the more it exposes their own hypocrisy.

Could a moderate like Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky succeed on a national ticket?

If not at the top of the ticket, as the VP nominee?

I read that he may be the most popular Governor in the entire country?

It seems the Democrats might be wise to use that to their advantage?

If the Biden "lawyers" turned over the documents to the Archives and to the DOJ...?

Why would they then turn them over to the press?

Eventually, CBS and NBC got word of the documents but did they get their information from someone at the National Archives, or perhaps the Dept of Justice?

How do we know the DOJ would want them to inform the press at the time of discovery?

Where have you been, my blue-eyed son ...

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