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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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When alternate universes collide:


Will Republicans get a reprieve from Georgia voters?

And get one more chance to try and run the Senate?

Or will they be kicked out of the majority as a warning to them? (Either they get their stuff together or they will be put into the minority in 2022?)

The voters of Georgia will decide what they wish to do with the Republican Party. They have the power in their votes to change our entire government.

This Land Is Your Land

The Election was the Verdict.

At last count, Joe Biden was more than five and a half million voters ahead in the race for the Presidency of the United States. (Five and a half million! That is nothing to scoff at.)

The people spoke. They said they did not want Donald Trump leading our country. In other words, they fired him.

And Georgia may hold the key to the verdict?

If the people come out to vote, they could take control of the Senate on January 5th? Even if the Senate ended up at 50/50.

The Vice-President, Kamala Harris, would be the tie-breaking vote. They will need help from the Republicans in order to get anything accomplished. (Is that too much to ask?)

But even if the Democrats were not to turn out for Georgia, there would still be legal verdicts to come. The legal authorities in New York State and the Southern District have filed charges against him.

We may have to wait until the next election to have another verdict, for those that were complicit ?

Did Emily Murphy of the GSA have any part in Trump's purchase of the Old Post Office Bldg?

Now called the Trump International Hotel?

It was purchased thru the GSA and there have been questions about him adhering to the contract.

Does anyone know of any connections?

Last chance for Republicans

This is their last chance to break off their toxic relationship with Donald Trump. They are operating under the illusion that they can still win with Trump campaigning for them from the sidelines.

First of all, Trump does not campaign for Republicans, Trump campaigns for Trump. They should understand that by now.

Their best strategy is to take their wins up to this point and dump Trump. Eventually the Trump veneer will wear off. They will be left with nothing but the baggage.

What happens when he is indicted? Are they going to be character witnesses? He has used them just like he has used FOX News. They know in their hearts that there is no future with Donald Trump.

I can say this, because I know they will not listen.

Did you notice this?

In Donald's tweet this morning:

"He won because the Election was Rigged. NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!"

Are we to assume Dominion was so bad that it couldn't even qualify for Texas? Does he realize what he is saying? Texas is worse than Dominion and he won by a lot? How did he do that if it wasn't rigged?

How did it count accurately for the House and Senate candidates but not for him, when they were on the same ballot?

What a card that Donald is!

In my opinion, many Republicans are in a deep psychological trauma...

I was watching Lou Dobbs on another post and it was very obvious that he was having a difficult time accepting that Donald Trump lost the election.

Many Republicans are suffering the same psychological fate. They have been sucked into a psychic vortex in which there is no easy escape. They will need to be de-programmed, just like in a cult.

They are not capable at this time of accepting reality. They are living a life of illusion. If Trump lost, it was because there was fraud or it was rigged. Never mind that the Republican Senators and Congressmen that won their elections were on the same ballot.

I am not a medical Doctor but it seems to me that these people were so invested in the cult of personality that they are now deeply traumatized.

Just my opinion.

What would you do if you were in Joe Biden's shoes?

Would you take Trump to Court? For what reason?

Would you just continue to fill your Cabinet and ignore the "loser"?

Would you trust states like Georgia and Arizona to make the right decisions if pressured by the Trump campaign? (Of course, it would take more than those two states to change the electoral vote winner)

Would you just continue to act presidential and concentrate on the Covid-19?

What would you do different from what Biden is doing at the present time?

The Fascists Were Knocking At The Door

But the American people gathered on the ramparts, with their ballots, and managed to keep them at bay, at least temporarily.

The Fascists were on the verge of taking over the oldest democracy on Earth. With the help of Russia and right-wing media outlets, they were able to propagandize a large proportion of our people, who were inclined to distrust our government anyway. The circumstances looked very dire for a long while.

But the American people rose up. They voted. They were not ready to die without a fight.

The Fascists developed a cult of personality in the person of Donald Trump, and with a barrage of lies and propaganda, were able to divide this country unlike any time since the Civil War.

The people around the world were watching with as much anxiety as the majority of Americans. They were exuberant when Joe Biden was announced as the winner of the election.

But unfortunately, the cult and the propaganda were so strong that many of the Fascists supporters were unable to admit that the numbers and the facts were real. The Fascists could not have lost because they were called by God. Many Evangelicals said as much.

So, we are patiently waiting for them to exit the stage. The American people that stood up to the Fascists were heroes. They are ready to sieve thru the rubble and rebuild our country, which the cult supporters say is the greatest it has ever been. Reality has not yet penetrated their world.
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