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The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (An old rock & roll classic)

Where did all the "new" voters come from?

There was not a great deviation from the total votes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama but this year, the voting totals shot up like a rocket.

In 2016, Hillary and Trump together garnered about 132 million votes.

In 2020, it looks like the final vote tally will be about 150-155 million votes. That is about 20 million votes more than were cast in 2016.

Where did they come from? In my opinion, it was mostly from young voters, who up til this election, had not been very involved in politics. Whatever is said about Trump, he was able to get people out to vote - on both sides.

At first glance it appears that the Democrats were able to get about 10 million more votes in this election and the Republicans were able to garner about 8 million more voters than in 2016.

An outstanding question may be, which Party will be able to keep these voters in the flock?

Were many of the Republican voters just following the cult of personality?

The future will tell.

More Pretty Girls Than One

Does a pardon apply to future crimes?

Because, you know that if Donald Trump is pardoned today, he will likely commit another crime tomorrow. It's in his blood. He is drawn to criminality.

Of course, no crimes have officially been defined at this moment, so what would be the need for any pardon?

November 7th should be called Democracy Day and should be a national holiday.

The American people do not yet understand the full nature or the full threat against our democracy. It was an all-out assault.

If Trump had gotten four more years, it is very possible our democracy would not have survived. He had gained control of the Executive, the Judicial, and half of the Legislative Branches of government. Luckily, Democrats had gained control of the House in 2018. Democracy was clinging by one-half of one Branch of government.

The threat is far from over. Almost half of this nation was propagandized to believe the rantings and grievances of a madman-wanna-be dictator, and was caught up in the hype and misinformation of the power-hungry fascists. There was nothing they would not do to maintain power.

In my opinion, November 7th is a date we should commemorate to remind us to be more vigilant against tyrants and strongmen, looking to destroy our institutions and our freedoms.

"Trumpster" - A name that will live in infamy.

America cannot rest until every Republican, that stood silently by as Trump did everything in his power to destroy our democracy, is defeated and swept into the dustbin of history.

And not just the Republicans running this year, but those running in 2022 and 2024. They must be removed from our Government. Their complicity can never be forgiven.

Time will not erase what they have done to our people and our country.

The word "Trumpster" will not disappear after this election and neither will the memory of the American people.

Hillary Clinton had favorability polls in the mid-60's - until she became the candidate against DJT.

It was all strange and new territory, the name-calling, the insults, the racism, the misogyny, etc. The Trump campaign was a novelty campaign that could not be fully comprehended.

Hillary had rehabilitated her image after Bill's unseemly exit from the Presidency. She was highly respected by about 65% of the people, in some polls, until she was attacked by the tactics and language of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. She had been a successful and hard-working Secretary of State, although heavily criticized for the Benghazi attacks on our CIA agents, until she was called to carry the banner for the Democratic Party. Our country was not accustomed to such a style of politics, at that time.

The personal attacks and the name-calling were especially crude and disrespectful. It was not the proudest moment in American politics.

Was Hillary as disliked, as most in the media are now reporting, or was she more of a victim of character assassination by Trump and the Republicans?

With the long lines for early voting, can you imagine the lines if they had all waited...?

...until election day?

The lines would have been ten miles long.

There is something seriously wrong with our election system.

Do we know for certain that Trump had the Covid-19?

Yes, we saw him get on his helicopter and fly to the hospital. We saw him leave the hospital early and take his mask off, on the balcony of the White House. He hear him brag about how he got it and he was able to beat it.

But, we saw no X-rays or evaluations of his medical condition? We saw Doctors that refused to comment on his condition. With his penchant for lying and manipulation, we do not know for sure if he had the virus? And if he did have it, was it just a mild case?

We were told that he demanded the drugs that the Doctors gave him during his "treatment". They were not necessarily given to him because he was in critical condition.

The one thing we do know for certain is that he cannot be trusted.

Would he try to pull such a stunt to manipulate the public because he wanted to minimize the "pandemic"? Would that number of Doctors cover for him? Why do we still not know all the facts about his hospitalization? Was he really that sick?

Obama: "It's not 'normal' behavior"

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