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"He's just an entertainer...what's the big deal?"

Every time this drug-crazed pervert goes over the line with his misogynistic, racial-slurring, bull crap, we hear Republicans come forward with the excuse that it's no big deal, he's just an entertainer.

The expiration date has run out on those excuses for this ass wipe. There are no more defenses for his sick political charade. We can look for the Republicans to run to his defense tomorrow.

This simple "entertainer" is paid over $250 million dollars to "entertain" his simple-minded listeners. Let's be honest. He is nothing more than a paid propagandist for the Republican Party. And they think he is worth every penny of it.

He came out yesterday and today on his radio show and called an American citizen, by name, a "slut" and a "prostitute" for wanting her insurance to pay for her birth control pills. He said if the taxpayers are going to have to pay for her birth control, then she should have to post her sex acts over the Internet so he and everyone could see what they were getting for their money. I suppose he may not be on the air tomorrow? He will be talking to his lawyer.

Not only did he slander this young college student, he slandered about 98% of the American women who have used birth control. They are all "sluts", in Rush's opinion.

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