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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
March 10, 2017

Where the media has failed and continues to fail the American people?

It is the obvious double standard they are willing to use in reporting failings of the Republican Party, as opposed to the Democratic Party.

They may as well be connected at the umbilical cord.

There is no way in hell a Democratic President could nominate a National Security adviser that was an "unregistered" foreign agent who was having secret discussions with the Russians, after the Russians had hacked the RNC computers. Admit it. It is a double standard and the media is in collusion with the Republican Party and are nothing less than accessories to these very serious crimes. There is nothing that should be minimized with these treasonous actions.

And there is no way in hell a Democratic President would be permitted to lie like Donald J Trump, and no way to stifle the screams from the Republicans to the media, against the Democrats, that would let an incompetent criminal violate our Constitution and wipe his ass with it. It simply would not happen if it were a Democratic President. The media would not permit it. They would carry the Republican water until that criminal was thrown out of our White House.

A Democratic President would not have been permitted to take office with such clouds of conflict of interests over his head. But it is OK with the Republicans, and therefore, it is OK with the national media. We can only conclude that there are more important things in this world than free speech and a free press, especially if they were in conflict with their business philosophy.

No, a Democrat would not be permitted to get away with the stuff that is going on right now. The media would be very much more vocal. Mostly because they would be coached by the Republican Party and their supporters.

Does anyone truly believe that the media is "liberal"? Does anyone truly believe that there is not a double standard?

March 10, 2017

Nobody that voted for Trump can say they didn't know what they were voting for?

It was all on display.

All the misogynistic, hateful, crude, vulgar, arrogant, narcissistic qualities of a Grade A asshole.

They knew he liked to grab women by their private parts. They knew he was crude and vulgar.

Yet, they voted for him. Did they expect him to be different once he was the President? Did they truly think he would change?

They were told over and over, if someone shows you who they are, believe them.

When you vote for a criminal, you will get a criminal.

But, let's not play games. If you voted for this asshole, step up and take responsibility.

I am 100% sure there are many that are in absolute denial. But that doesn't change the facts.

March 10, 2017

Have patience, children....this snowball is rolling downhill.

Everyday is a new story. A new piece of the puzzle is found.

Today, they discovered that General Flynn was registered as a foreign agent. We also discovered that the investigation for the server in Trump Tower is still going on. The Director of the FBI met with the Gang of Eight to give them updated information.

And more information came out on Trump emissary, Carter Page, who worked for Merrill Lynch in Moscow.

But there is no stopping a snowball rolling downhill unless it hits a tree or something?

This scandal has a life all its own. There is no stopping it or covering it up. Tomorrow will be something new. Another piece of the puzzle will fall in place.

Have patience.

March 5, 2017

The Republicans are playing Russian Roulette with our country.

They are putting a bullet into the chamber and spinning it like a roulette table. Then, they are pulling the trigger. If we are lucky, we will escape execution one more time.

But, there is a limited number of times that they can spin the chamber before the bullet is fired into the brain of America. It is the biggest political gamble any political Party has ever taken.

All the while, they are telling you not to worry - the bullet is not real. It is fake. It won't hurt you. The other Party is just trying to scare you.

But the truth of the matter is that the bullet is real. It is not a game. It will lay your brain on the wall in a vivid Jackson Pollock masterpiece.

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