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The "victims" of the GOP

It's hard to not notice the whining and cries of unfairness coming from the Republicans. All of it for Donald J Trump. It's unseemly.

They don't have the courage to debate the facts or to defend our country. They are a reflection of their corrupt president.

They have chosen to stand in a circle and scream loudly.

They fear that people will see them for what they are.

They are not "victims".

They are accomplices to a lawless and reckless president.

Article(s) of Impeachment ?

The debate within the Committees is about how many articles of impeachment should be charged to Donald Trump?

Almost everyone agrees that it should be simple enough for every American to understand.

In my opinion, the charges within the Mueller Report should be incorporated within the charges of the Ukraine investigation. For example, if there is one or two obstruction charges from the Ukraine investigation, then they could add 5 obstruction charges from the Mueller report. (They have already been taken under oath)

The same for abuse of power. Incorporate the Mueller report into the Ukraine investigation.

Jury Tampering? A term Republicans should acquaint themselves with before the Senate trial.


Jury Tampering Law and Legal Definition

Jury tampering is the crime of attempting to influence a jury through other means than the evidence presented in court, such as conversations about the case outside the court, offering bribes, making threats or asking acquaintances to interfere with a juror.

A person commits the crime of jury tampering if, with intent to influence a juror's vote, opinion, decision or other action in the case, he attempts directly or indirectly to communicate with a juror other than as part of the proceedings in the trial of the case. Jury tampering may be committed by conducting conversations about the case outside the court, offering bribes, making threats or asking acquaintances to communicate with a juror.

A juror includes any person who is a member of any jury, including a grand jury, impaneled by any court or by any public servant authorized by law to impanel a jury. The term juror also includes any person who has been summoned or whose name has been drawn to attend as a prospective juror.

The following is an example of a state statute dealing with jury tampering:

"A person commits jury tampering if, with intent to influence a juror's vote, opinion, decision or other action in a case, such person directly or indirectly, communicates with a juror other than as part of the normal proceedings of the case."

Democrats refuse to play Trump and Republicans game

"It's a sham investigation!", they say.

But the truth of the matter is that it is as fair as it can possibly be. A fair investigation is handled somewhat like a Grand Jury. It is done in secret to gather the facts and to try to protect the innocent.

Republicans are whining because the facts are putting their asses in a vice. They have no defense so they do anything they can do to tear down the investigation and to obstruct the process.

They will get their chance. The investigation will soon be public. They can call witnesses of their own. They can subpoena witnesses, just like the Democrats do. They will be voted on by Committee.

When it goes to the Senate, they will have a chance to call witnesses and to cross-examine. It will be just like a common trial. The Senate will be the jury.

Republicans have nothing to cry about. They need to stop whining.

Would Trump shut down the government if he thought it would slow down impeachment?

Of course he would!

Senator Schumer has stated his concerns about that possibility. Republicans are expected to go along with Traitor Trump.

Who is responsible if the government shuts down?

"Fight on the substance and get it over with".

Traitor Trump wants the Republicans to change their strategy. Stop arguing about process and start arguing about substance. Tell the people his comments in the transcript were "perfect" and that he did nothing wrong.

Only one small problem. The "substance" makes him look guilty as hell.

He wants them to say there is nothing wrong with asking a foreign country for help with your election, by investigating your opponents? That's a hard argument to sell.

He has painted himself in a corner and he needs the Republicans to rescue him from the lies and the cover-up. It's a difficult task for Republicans.

Meanwhile, the Articles of Impeachment are getting closer and closer.

A Conspiracy in the Ukraine

There is so much we still do not know about Ukraine.

Trump was working with his Ambassadors to get dirt on the Bidens and and the 2016 election. We know about Trump's phone call to the Ukraine president, Zelensky. We know about their efforts to cover it up in a secret server. The evidence is strong that the President of the United States was putting undue and dangerous pressure on the Ukraine president to make a public appearance and announce that he was beginning an investigation into Joe Biden's son and the 2016 DNC server. He was going to withhold a visit to the White House until it happened.

However, in the background, while all this was happening, there was a shadow group, led by Rudy Giuliani, that was working to get rid of the Ukraine Ambassador, Masha Yovanovitch. She was eventually fired by Donald Trump. But, what was Giuliani doing? Who was he working for?

At different times, he would say he was the president's lawyer and at other times, he would say he was working for the State Department? What was he trying to accomplish? And why did he have the two Ukrainian "associates" working with him? Who was paying him money?

It now appears that he may have been working with the old Russian associates of Paul Manafort. He had visited him several times in prison, and reportedly, communicated thru Manafort's lawyer. It was part of the old corrupt group that was voted out by the Ukrainian people. But Giuliani was still working the back channels.

Vladimir Putin is financing Dymytri Firtash to disrupt and do harm to democracies around the world. Firtash was in charge when Manafort was working successfully to put in a Russian puppet as leader of Ukraine. Firtash was forced from the country and took refuge in Vienna, Austria.

It now appears that Russia was working, and is still working, to tear down America's democracy, as well as others in Europe and around the world? More than anything, Putin wants Ukraine back under Russia's control. Those are the undercurrents of the conspiracy.

Unfortunately, we do not know the details of this part of the Ukraine story. But the story, as we know it already, is devastating. The conspiracy may never be resolved?

A Senate trial will be a farce...

If the Republicans and Donald Trump do not come up with a better defense than they have offered thus far.

They will not be permitted to stray off into character attacks and rumors and conspiracy theories. They will have to stick with the facts.

At this time, that looks like an impossibility.

They have no facts on their side. All they have is Donald Trump's lies and bullshit. That is not a very good defense in a trial.

This impeachment is coming upon them very quickly. They had better get their stuff together soon or they will come across as a bunch of whiny diaper babies, who can do nothing but pout and cry.

It will be a real task for Chief Justice John Roberts to try and maintain any decorum. All of America will be watching.

Giuliani was working to get Russia-friendly board members on the gas and oil companies.

Reportedly, the gas and oil companies had a lot of corruption and the new govt was making progress with new board members.

Giuliani and his "associates" were corrupt influences and should be investigated.

If the majority of the House passes a resolution, it is legitimate.

Contrary to what McCarthy and Republicans are saying.

When the Articles of Impeachment are passed, it is going to be very real. It is legitimate.

Republicans are talking nonsense. It's time for them to stop playing games.

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